Midnight Games with Tracey Terwiggle & Kimberly Kennedy

Kimberly KennedyAs one of the #RUDC15 featured bloggers, I get to start the shenanigans early with a few of the fabulous authors who will be up all night in Denver at Reading Until Dawn 2015 by showcasing their many stories. To help do that, I came up with this really fun idea to having the authors introduce us to their characters and world by showing us what it would be like if they were staying up all night, playing games of their own.

Quite a few of the authors took me up on it and today Kimberly Kennedy has set up a game between Tracey Terwiggle from her upcoming novel, Aspen Adventure, which releases mid-October.


Midnight Games with Tracey Terwiggle

“Red or black?” A heavy, Mediterranean accent through the noise of the crowd in the casino, but I’m not sure if I hear it right. Or worse, perhaps he isn’t talking to me as I’m still not sure where the accent originated from.

“I’m sorry?” I throw out into the general direction of where the voice came from, looking around inquisitively for the originator of the voice. It could have come from anywhere. Startling me I hear a whisper drifting into my ear, almost a caress; “Red or black? The lady’s choice.” Shivers down my spine, how could I not, with that deep, rich, distinctive voice? Italian, Spanish coast? And what is with the choice of two colors?

At that moment I hear a ping, then a whirring noise, like someone has dropped a marble on the floor, or on a table… Ah, the roulette wheel. Oh how exciting! I watch it spin, the silver wheel with the little plastic ball spinning counterclockwise. I feel a heat near my ear again.

“The lady needs to choose, quickly.” My eyes go wide, what should I pick…I twirled my hair around my finger… Of course!

“Red, obviously.” I flipped my hair flirtatiously, while trying to look sophisticated, It was Monte Carlo after all. I looked up into liquid chocolate eyes, framed by thick, luscious black curling hair, olive skin that seems to glow under the dim lights, and a grin that said sin. Oh my…

He plunks down some chips, a pile on the red, right before the dealer swipes a hand over the table, indicating no more bets can be placed. Roulette, how exciting!

I finally find my voice after looking the gorgeous older gentleman up and down. “So five chips, twenty five euros then?”

“Yes. Twenty five hundred.”

“Ah, yes…wait, oh, my…” I want to reach for the chips in a panic. I would not be held responsible for this man’s downfall, but his warm hand falls on mine.

“No, no. You told me red, we stick with red.”

I was shaking with nerves now. Well that and a shock of pure electric attraction for this mysterious, sexy man. He gives me an indulgent smile as the white ball begins to slow. I gulp audibly then feel a hand wrap around my lower waist.

“No, no. No fretting, my dear. Life is meant to be lived, and after all, it is only money.” He winks then, one of those utterly charming winks that Europeans could pull off. I melted a bit before tensing back up as I hear the little ball hit the inner portion of the wheel, bouncing…

“I can’t look…” I shut my eyes and turn away, feeling another hand run down my hair to pull me into his shoulder, almost even with mine.. A shorter man but sexy none the less.

“And now we will see what fate has in store for us, my dear, but I feel as though my lucky charm has finally come along.”

Join Tracey Terwiggle, Travel Writer, as she gallivants around the globe, searching for the next great story, looking for love, and finding a few mysteries to solve along the way. Jam packed with exotic destinations, thrilling men, one of a kind characters and great laughs, Tracey has been called the American travelling Bridget Jones, who somehow fell onto the set of a James Bond movie. This is an excerpt from her upcoming title in the Tracey Terwiggle, Travel Writer series, Mayhem in Monaco. Out in early 2016. If you have enjoyed this excerpt try out Tracey’s first adventure, Aspen Adventure, which will be out mid-October and premiering at the Reading Until Dawn Con in Denver, October 8-11th, 2015!


Meet Kimberly Kennedy!

Kimberly Kennedy has always been a creative soul, bouncing back and forth between various crafts and arts. The only one she kept bouncing back to was writing. Being an only child meant creating her own worlds, full of characters that were a combination of people she knew and quirky qualities she thought more people should have. She now lives in Denver, a real life romantic heroine, still trying to find love, one written word at a time. While she waits on prince charming, kissing a few frogs along the way, she’s having a blast vacationing, writing, trying out the amazing culinary and beer centered landscape that is Colorado, loving the mountains, and motoring around in her little grey Barbie car convertible.

Contact Info: Website | Facebook | Google+ | GoodReads | Amazon

Want to purchase Kimberly’s novels?
Hedge Your Bets
Tied to the Storm
The Last Chance (Historical Hots #1)

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