Hidden Treasures: Pont d’ Amour: Myth or Truth by Sage Spelling


sage-spellingMy longtime readers should know by now that I love the mini-fiction events; a glimpse into the world, a story by a beloved side character, or an introduction to never before seen action – I love it all and can never get enough.

I hosted the first Rust City Book Convention here in the Metro Detroit area, and to help spotlight the authors attending, I came up with a fabulous new feature series – Hidden Treasures. I had asked the #RustCity16 authors to write a story, featuring any or all of their characters as they discover a new bit of treasure – i.e. at a flea market, up in the attic, tomb-raiding, etc – and I still have a few left that didn’t get posted before the event.

With that in mind, let’s see what hidden treasures Sage Spelling’s characters from High Stakes have discovered.

Pont d’ Amour: Myth or Truth


Crossing my arms over my chest to restrain my greedy hands from touching Blake, I leaned far away from his delicious frame. My butt was lifted and nearly sitting on the Jeep door, but it was still difficult to control the thirst inside of me. From the corner of my eyes, I watched him driving. His muscular and ridiculously tall frame was stretched out in the driver seat, golden blond hair whipped in the wind, t-shirt exposed his powerful arms and ripped abs. His finger gently caressed my thigh and my legs trembled.

“No way, mister.” I pushed his hand away.

“Cat, you can’t really be serious about this bridge stuff?”

“Don’t you want to know why we’re all over each other every time were near the bridge?”

“I want to jump your bones all day, everyday. The bridge has nothing to do with it. Besides, I thought maybe we can mark under the bridge off our sex bucket list.”

I elbowed him, suppressing a grin. It was the same for me most of the time, but on the bridge the urge was just too intense. So much so, that I started researching it and found a little mention of markings under the bridge and the legend about Eros’s enchanting it to bring lovers together. “I want to see if the History of Haywick was right about Pont d’ Amour.”

“It’s was in a book, so it had to be true.” He smirked and I rolled my eyes.

Blake killed the engine when we pulled onto the side of the Pont d’ Amour Bridge and I jumped out quickly before we started necking in the car like teenagers, again. Not today. Today I wasn’t going to let the crazy “magic” detour me from my mission. I’m going to get down to the bottom of this bridge and see why it makes everyone act like lusty freaks –included me.

Blake’s footsteps followed mine down the spiral gray stone stairs. The vision of the dried up river was actually sad compared to the happy bright sky and rich green landscape, but still stunning. Finally, after climbing at least thirty steep steps, we reached the bottom.

“This is pretty cool.” Blake flashlight glowed on the stonewalls, but other than some hearts and lover’s names marking the interior walls, there was nothing. Disappointment filled me. I tracked some of the name and read some of the inscriptions beside them. I fell in love with William on this bridge. Another caption, Danny stole my heart on top of this bridge and my virginity underneath it. Then I read, I said I hated you until we met on this bridge. “See, were not the only ones.” Blake pointed at the caption. “She hated him too, we are not alone.”

Giggling I took the flashlight from his hand and circled to the other wall. Much of the same graffiti covered it. I flashed the light towards the roof of the bridge and Blake stopped me. “Look – what’s that?”

Following his pointed finger, I flickered the light to where he pointed. There was the symbol. Eros’s symbol. The infinity sign was engraved into a three parts spiral and was in the dead center of the bridge. Over the top of the symbol were words in a foreign language I thought was Greek. I needed to see them clearly to get them translated.

“Blake, lift me up so I can take a picture.”

“Yes, ma’am.” His strong arms wrapped around my waist and lifted me onto his shoulders, facing him. Any other time, this would have really turned me on, but right now, I was on a mission. I zoomed in my camera phone. It was still far, but the zoom on my phone captured the text.

“Got it.”

“Good job, baby.” Blake nuzzled his face between my legs.

“Cut it out . . .” I swarmed.

Blake set me down, with regret written all over his face. I kissed his lips swiftly. “You will be lifting me like that again, really soon.”  While he beamed, I quickly took his phone from the pocket of his sweatpants and looked up the translation. I trembled with anticipation as the translation application populated the interpretation. The screen finally blinked and my knees were weak when the screen read, Soul mates dwellings, where two souls become one. Eros.

“I told you, you’re my soul mate.” Blake whispered over my shoulder.

I leaned against his strong frame. “Our two souls are now one.”

Meet Sage Spelling!

Sage Spelling’s love affair with romance started when she was a child and her mother told tall tales of faraway worlds filled with magic, mystery and happy endings. Whatever hardship the characters suffered, in the end they were granted a happily ever after. It was guaranteed and she knew her investment in the characters and the story was going to be rewarded. Growing up in a strict Chaldean Catholic family, she found freedom in-between the pages of a novel. While she read, she wasn’t confined to her family’s rules and principles. She could be anyone . . . anywhere.

antho-my-sexy-valentineThough Sage loved reading, she hadn’t found her passion for writing her own stories until she was an adult. She remembered that very moment when her world felt completely out of her control and she found herself rewriting her own story. Nowadays, she tells tales of the happily ever after, but with a sexy and passionate twist. A believer of love at first sight, and that love concurs all, she aims to create stories and characters that are three-dimensional and investment worthy.

During the day, Sage analyzes boring spreadsheets and cant wait to get home to write her latest work in progress. She is in the process of obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in English and Creative Writing and is a contributing blogger for Heroes and Heartbreakers.

Contact Info: Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | Amazon | Pinterest

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