#BlackFriday: What Can A Bear Buy A Cat For Christmas? by Kathy Lyons

It’s that time…Black Friday is here and we’re discussing the season with Kathy Lyons’ Carl Carmen from Grizzlies Gone Wild series.

Between singlehandedly running her bakery and raising her teenaged nephew, Becca Weitz thought she had a decent grip on “normal.” Then her nephew vanishes, and life as she’s known it changes forever. Local legends are true: bear shifters exist . . . and her nephew is part of their clan. As is Carl Carman, the sexy, larger-than-life man who has sworn to find her nephew-and the other young shifters who’ve gone missing.

As the leader of his clan, Carl is surrounded by enemies. He’s learned the hard way that keeping a firm leash on his inner beast is key to survival, though his feelings for Becca test his legendary control. Then danger stalks too close, and Carl realizes he must unleash the raging, primal force within to protect everything he holds dear. But can Becca trust his grizzly side with her life-and her heart?

If What Can A Bear Buy A Cat For Christmas? gets your interest, make sure you check out the first book in the Grizzlies Gone Wild series, The Bear Who Loved Me.

The Gladwin clan of Grizzly bear shifters has expanded with Tonya and Alan adopting a very special little girl at the end of For the Bear’s Eyes Only. That means that pack leader and uncle, Carl Carmen, needs to get his new niece something wonderful for Christmas. But what does a gruff alpha bear get a little girl? Read on to find out.  And don’t forget to check out the whole Grizzlies Gone Wild series by Kathy Lyons starting with The Bear Who Loves Me.

What Can A Bear Buy A Cat For Christmas?

“Will you stop grumbling please?” Becca’s voice was tight with weariness. Her husband and the love of her life was trying to drive her crazy. Good God, she’d never seen anyone hate shopping more than Carl. “This was supposed to be a special treat. You know, Christmas shopping in Detroit. Fun, fun, fun?”

He shot her a baleful look and shoved his hands even deeper into his pockets as he glared at the zillions of shoppers who jostled all around them. “Yeah,” he echoed weakly. “Fun.” He sounded like he was dying the death of a thousand cuts.

She sighed. “Okay. We’ve got one last gift to get. Lexi—” His groan cut off her words. She was going to snap at him. He was making the whole trip ten times harder than it needed to be. But one look at his bleak expression and she relented. “You really hate shopping, don’t you?”

“I don’t know what to get a little girl. It’s all pink and sparkly. Plus she’s got cat DNA and I’m a bear. It’s like asking a Martian to relate to a Ninja Turtle.”

She snorted at the image. “Are you the Martian in this scenario or the Turtle?”

He rolled his eyes and his shoulders at the same moment while sidestepping a grandmother carrying three bags of toys. “Don’t make me do this.”

She sighed. In truth, she couldn’t make her grizzly shifter husband do anything he didn’t want to, but in this case, she had an advantage. She knew Carl wanted to relate to his new adopted niece, but just didn’t know how. Which is when she landed on a compromise.

“I’ll make you a deal. I’ll go buy the gifts while you wait in the car.”


She grabbed his arm before he could escape. “I’m getting her a Barbie from me and a Lego set from you.”

His head bobbed in agreement. “Perfect—”

“But when she opens them, you have to play with her for an hour.”

His eyes bugged out. “I can’t play Barbies! What do I know about gowns and heels and hair things. God, are their Barbie hair things? I can’t do hair—”

She pressed her mouth to his to stop his building panic. He returned it willingly. They’d never had trouble in the kissing department, but she couldn’t let it continue. They were in the middle of huge mall.

So she pulled back. “Okay, how about this? I’m going to get the most boy-friendly, build a rocket, space car whatever set that I can find.”

He perked up at that. Figures. Didn’t matter what age, men liked the words “rocket” and “car.” “She’ll never want that.”

Becca held up her hand. “We’ll see. And after she opens her gifts, if she wants to play Barbies, then I’ll handle the plastic shoes and the sparkly gowns.”


“But if she wants to build the rocket car, then you have to do it with her.”

Carl held out his hand. “Deal!”

Becca grabbed it, making sure to grimace as if she’d lost this particular exchange. She smiled as he pegged her with a brief kiss then hightailed it out of the mall. She watched him go, counting the seconds until he was out of sight, and then she popped open her phone and hit the speed dial.

Tonya was on duty, but the tough-as-nails cop answered on the first ring. “Did you do it?”

“Done. I’m giving Lexi a Barbie—”

“That’ll last about five minutes. She is so not a girly girl.”

“That’s because she worships you,” Becca said with a laugh. “But Carl’s giving her that rocket space car thing that you said she wanted.”

“Yes!” Tonya’s cheer sounded through the line. “But will he play it with her?”

“He promised. At least an hour. Between you and me, once they get going, I think they’ll be building it for hours.”

“While we make the margaritas and eat all the pumpkin pie?”

Becca grinned. “That was my plan all along.”


Meet Kathy Lyons!

Kathy Lyons is the fun, contemporary side of USA TODAY bestselling author Jade Lee. She loves sassy romance with lots of laughter and sex. Spice is the variety of life, right? Okay, so maybe two kids, two cats, two pennames, and writing over 50 books has messed with her mind, but she still keeps having fun.

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