Night Moves by VJ Devereaux

Recently, I went through a romance/erotica mood and went digging through Ellora’s Cave for some reading material. One of the books I found was Night Moves by V.J. Devereaux.

With her unglamorous job, crappy hours and limited choices, Rafaela finds herself reduced to internet dating. She just wants to meet a man she considers even remotely interesting. Or satisfying.

Her latest match-up is tall, dark and handsome Michael. He and his cousin and companion, Nico—gorgeous must be a family trait—are vampires. They’re getting tired of constantly hunting for a good meal and good sex. Too many complications. Too much danger of discovery.

They have decided to offer one woman—the right woman—an interesting proposition. An offer that just might fulfill all of Rafaela’s wildest fantasies.

Night Moves was more what I was expecting from Ellora’s Cave than what Bar None was.  It wasn’t a bad story, there was just a lot of sex that I thought unbalanced the book overall.  It seemed like the majority of the book was the three main characters getting it on all the time, but then we get thrown this plot of a vampire hunter and that’s it.  Seriously, I think the hunter showed up in the last 20% of the book (I read this on my Kindle).  Also, you really don’t find out what Rafaela’s unglamorous job is until the last chapter of the book.  In addition to finding out what she does, there are a few other things that pop up (like the supernaturals are unknown to the public, but not necessarily unknown to everyone) that would have been interesting to read about as well.  Although the question of if Night Moves was part of a series did pop into my head.  I may have to investigate that further.

Overall, I will say that the story itself wasn’t bad and it was actually a good read.  It kept me interested and gave me the fix I needed for a little erotica.  It wouldn’t be hard to convince to me try another VJ Devereaux novel.

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  1. “Recently, I went through a romance/erotica mood…” ???Really??? It hasn’t stopped since the 90s. ;D
    Usually if I need a fix for erotica, I tell my husband. *nudge nudge*
    You really should find out whenever you interview an author if they have experience with the positions they describe in their books. I’ve tried some that I’ve read, and they really didn’t work.

  2. Jackie,

    Thank you so much! Honestly! This was my very first erotica (hence the heavy sex… I’m working on balancing that) so your review was VERY helpful. It’s all a learning experience. I’m glad you enjoyed it. My second book, Cherry’s Jubilee is coming out soon. Fair warning- it is heavy on the sex, too, but it’s part of the plot line. And I am considering a sequel to Night Moves, explaining a little more about the time, place and circumstances, with Rafi’s partner, so you can learn a little more about that world. That’s my WIP.

    Thanks again,

    V. J. Devereaux

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