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Talk about a fun thing to have during the week of my blogiversary. Kittling Book Reviews is featuring little ole me as this week’s Scene of the Blog.  The pics of my office are a little old, they were taken earlier this summer, but it’s still a pretty good representation of my area.  The only difference is Ian doesn’t sit on my desk anymore.  He’s getting too big, but I’ll have another monkey sitting on my desk soon.

Yasmine Galenorn has posted a snippet from the next Sisters of the Moon series, Bone Magic.


Larissa Ione has agreed to write four more novels in her Demonica series, however, this will not be in the direct plotline of Esctasy Unveiled or the rest of the series.  The plot for the four novel will be introduced in EU and book five, but then the four novels spin off in their own direction.  I wonder who it’s going to be about?

This is what I get for waiting to read Doug’s Weekend Report.  According to Loving in True Blood in Dallas (via the Ausiello Files), they’ve casted Alcide on True Blood.  The actor is Joe Manganiello and man is he hot.  Eric might have some competition this next season.

Patricia’s Vampire Notes has a good collection of December releases, so if you think you’ve missed something, head over and check it out.

SciFiGuy has a couple of interesting articles today.  The first one, he introduces us to a new novel, Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story by Adam Rex, which releases in August 2010.

The second…they are redoing Tom Sawyer!  Seriously people?  Do we really need to resort to twisting the classics to get a new paranormal story? Tor will be releasing The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead by Don Borchert on August 3, 2010.

This, more than likely, will be the last post for this week.  I have a couple of reviews I want to get posted, but other than that, I’ll be enjoying the holidays with the little man.  It’ll be the last one he’ll have all to himself, so we’re going to have fun.  See you all next week.  Enjoy the holidays!

Contest Winner Announcement!

Before I disappear for the holidays, I wanted to announce the three winners for ecopies of Happy Snak by Nicole Kimberling.  The lucky readers, who answered What was something you continually tried until it worked/happen?, are:

  1. ROSE GOTT who said: The thing that I try and try at right now is getting my first book published. Well, I’ve tried three times, been rejected twice and am waiting for the third. While I wait I’m revising it one more time to send to an agent then it goes in a drawer so that it can be brought out later. : )
  2. PAULA who said: I think I’ve finally learned how to take care of house plants. Well, at least the latest arrival has stayed alive for months now, which is a lot longer than the previous ones.
  3. LINDA HENDERSON who said: I tried to teach myself how to sew simple things and I finally managed to sew some little gowns for my granddaughter that spent 4 months in the NICU. She weighed 1 pound and 2.7 ounces so everything was way to big for her. After much effort and ripping out seams I finally managed to make about 6 for her.

Ladies, I already have your email address, so I’ll forward them on to Nicole who will send you your copy.  Happy reading!

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  1. Thanks for posting the link to Roxanne Rhoad’s interview at The Romantic Journey. We’ve got more interviews and posts by our contributors that you might also find interesting.

    I’m going to follow the link to Fat Vampire now. That sounds like a fun one.

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