Reader Recommendations – Vampires & Shapeshifters

I got to thinking recently about all the authors I typically recommend.  There are some heavy favorites, and not just by me, on my list, but I started wondering…am I missing someone who I’ve read and have simply forgotten to add?  I’ve read a lot of new authors since then and I seriously have this feeling that I’m missing some great novels.

I’ll be honest, my list of recommendations was posted back in May of 2008 and I’ve to keep it updated, but it tends to be forgotten.  Plus, I haven’t read all there is the UF/PNR genre, so I know I’m missing a bunch.  So I want to ask everyone, what authors/series/books do you recommend to people.

This week, lets focus on only those books involving vampires and/or werewolves as the main characters.  We’ll hit some of the other paranormal species next week.  Here’s my list.  Have I missed something?  Do I need to read a certain book, like now?  What are your automatic buys?

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  1. A couple of my recommendations would be P.N. Elrod’s the Vampire Files Series and The Vampire Tapestry by S Mckee Charnas (OOP)

  2. All of those are really good choices. I’ve really enjoyed reading the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost and the Dark Days series by Jocelynn drake.

  3. I think you’re missing Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, vampires and werewolves galore along side Harry Dresden, the wizard and Connor Grey by Mark Del Franco, fey, magic etc. Not much werewolves or vampires but ti’s missing from your other list.

    I would have put ilona andrews Kate daniels on this list, much more than on the fae list, by the way.

  4. You’re right Carine, Kate Daniels should be on this list and not Fae. Don’t ask me what I was thinking. That fix is coming right up.

  5. Jocelynn Drake’s Dark Days!!! Savannah Russe’s Darkwing Chronicles are pretty good, Lynn Viehl’s Darkyn, Karen McInerney’s Urban Werewolf, Caitlin Kittredge’s Nocturne City…that’s all I can think of right now that’s not already on that list.

  6. *I would see Kate and Harry on a magic users list, as they’re the main characters, but as long as they’re on some list.

    Oh, and I’d recommend Adrian Phoenix’s Maker’s Song series. She’s created such a hauntingly beautiful character in Dante and the stories behind both his origin and the Bad Seed program make for engrossing reading. It’s an auto-recommend for me! =)

  7. Hi Jackie – I’m not sure if your tastes drift to the dark urban fantasy side, but if they do I’d recommend the Joe Pitt Casebooks by Charlie Huston, and the The Void City Series by J. F. Lewis. They’re both unconventional vampire series that don’t feature romances per se, but they’re such high quality books I don’t even mind the absence.

  8. DarkHeart – Harry?

    Kate may be a magic user, but her main dealings are shapeshifter and some times vampiric. She may be one that could go in all the areas, but since most of her dealings involve the Beast Lord in some way, I think she would be a good fit here too, right?

  9. Good list but I’d personally add Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity series to it. Vampires and werewolves a-plenty in there, too. :)

  10. Meljean Brook! The whole series is awesome but Demon Moon focuses on them. Lynsay Sands too. Love her Argeneau vampires.

  11. Bethany – I knew I was forgetting someone. I can’t believe I forgot Jocelynn Drake!

    Nicola – where do I say that Ward is a new to me author? She’s on my shelves, I just haven’t gotten through Lover Enshrined yet. Sorry, but I just couldn’t handle Phury in the beginning of that book and I haven’t had the urge to pick it up so I can get to the rest of them yet.

    Hope – I’ve read the newest one in Ivy’s series, but I haven’t made it to the rest yet. I have them on my shelves and hope to get to them soon. That’s why they are not on the list yet. :P

    Jen – Lynsay Sands is good, but she’s never made me feel like I had to go get the next novel in the series. Meljean, love her, but I haven’t read past Demon Moon yet.

  12. For a laugh, I love Blood-Sucking Fiends and You Suck by Christopher Moore. They are great vampire/romance/comedies. The third in the series, Bite Me comes out at the ned of the month.
    And I can’t believe you don’t have the classic vampire tales by Anne Rice on your list. Lestat started it all…

  13. Alyson, the reason Anne Rice isn’t on the list is because honestly couldn’t get through Interview with the Vampire and I’ve tried. Rice is just too wordy for me, kind of like a lot of classic literature, so while she’s one I would recommend to someone who likes the classics over the mass market appeal, she’s not one I would immediately recommend.

  14. p.c. cast is one thats good!! the first one is marked (i think) and there will be a total of 12 books when she is finished. and i have to admit that the twilight series is a fav. for me! i read all 4 book in 5 days. (the second one wasn’t my favorite in the series. but im more of a vampire girl the werewolf)

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