Born of Fire by S. Kenyon

The second novel in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s League series, Born of Fire was a sexy and action packed science fiction romance that has me looking forward to the next in the series.

In a universe where assassins make the law, everyone lives in fear—except for Syn. Born of an illicit scandal that once rocked a dynasty, he always knew how to survive on the bloodthirsty streets. But that was then, and the future is now…

Syn was raised as a tech-thief until his livelihood uncovered a truth that could end his life. He tried to destroy the evidence and has been on the run ever since. Now trained as an assassin, he allows no one to threaten him. Ever. He is the darkness that swallows his enemies whole.

Shahara Dagan is the best bounty hunter in the universe. When Syn comes back on the radar, she’s the only one who can bring him to justice. There’s only one problem: Syn is a close family friend who’s helped out the Dagans countless times. But if she saves him, both of their lives will be on the line. Is Syn’s protection worth the risk? The only hope Shahara has is to find the evidence he buried long ago. Now it’s kill or be killed—and they, the predators, have just become the hunted…

I love when a book has strong characters. Born of Fire took the time to give us the character’s story and to build personalities for them. I appreciate that in its fullest, and love the characters all the more for it. I loved Syn. He is a sexy and smart bad boy with a troubled past. Syn’s battles with his past were truly sad. Every time a new piece of history came to light I just marveled that he ever had the strength to survive. His life has been so rotten that I just wanted to give him a hug half of the time. Shahara was at times a little dense, but I liked her personality. Her strong, loyal, and caring nature really shined through. She was able to take care of herself, and it made me really like her when she was able to show Syn that he was worth more than nothing. Their relationship wasn’t perfect. They fought a lot, and their pride tended to get in the way on more than one occasion, but at the end of the day, they still loved each other and the ending had me jumping for joy.

The plot could have almost have held its own without the romance. There was plenty of action and subterfuge ,with a corrupt leader trying to kill them to top it off. The futuristic setting allowed for a imaginative story that I was drawn into. Watching them transverse the galaxy in order to save Shahara’s family was exciting and made me wish that I was right along with them. There was always something going on, and there was never a dull moment.

Pretty much everything that I’ve read of Sherrilyn Kenyon is great, and this was no different. Science fiction romance readers will love this. You won’t be sorry if you pick this up to read.  The characters were interesting, the romance hot, and the story enticing.

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  1. This is one of favorite Kenyon novels. I love LOVE Syn! He is the ultimate tortured soul and well, I’m a big sucker for that…who isn’t right? I agree with you about Shahara being completely duh at times but at the end, she was just as stubborn as he was which was made them click so well and fall hard for each other.
    Great review! :)

  2. I’ve just gotten interested in Sherrilyn Kenyon and mostly I’m familiar with her Dark Hunter novels. This sounds like a great book, though. I’ll have to look into it.

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