Coming June 1st: NA Mini-Challenge

It’s time to announce the next New Author Mini Challenge, and this time we’re going to focus on a group of authors that are very widespread and very non-genre specific.  I’ll be honest, the idea was totally inspired by two challenges Dark Faerie Tales is hosting for 2010 – Debut Urban Fantasy and Debut Paranormal Romance.  While Angela is focusing on debut authors (and has an impressive list of debut authors at both challenge pages), I wanted to focus more on those first novels – the débutantes, the virgins, the first-timers.  Those novels by authors who are just starting out in the publishing world, have branched out into a new genre or have taken the plunge into a new world/series.

Here are the details:

  1. You do not have to be a participant of the New Authors Challenge, but if you’re not, why not?
  2. The Challenge will run from June 1st through the 30th. All reviews must have an June 2010 date.
  3. The goal is to read up to 5 different novels that are either the first in a new series, a new genre for that author or is a brand new author. Write up a review on your blog and then come back to the official start post and add your link to Mr. Linky.
  4. This is a New Author mini-challenge, so ideally the idea is to try someone new, but not required.  The novel just has to be their first – first published, released in that genre or of a new series (which was started within the last year).

To add a little incentive for this mini-challenge, I’m going to offer up a prize. At the end of June, for every review posted, I’ll give each participant an entry (up to 5) to win their book of choice from an author who had been reviewed during the mini challenge. The contest is open to wherever the Book Depository delivers.

So who is up for another New Author mini-challenge? If so, sign up with Mr. Linky below.

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  1. So any new author or any author trying something new, i.e. new series or new genre? Any genre, too? And it still just has to be new to us, not new this year? Awesomeness! I’m totally in!

  2. Correct. New genre (YA counts as a genre – so Glimmerglass by Jenna Black would count as a first), new series, their first book, etc. That’s something that may not be worded right. If you’re a fan of Keri Arthur, but you’ve never read the first book she published, that would count as well. It just has to be their first. Why do I feel like that’s still going to cause confusion. ;P

  3. So, another example would be Michelle Rowen– I’ve read her adult books, but not the first in her YA series. So, that first book would count in her YA series? Same with Kim Harrison? Is that what you mean?

    • Exactly Moonsanity. It can also be the very first novel they published. For instance, I’ve read all of the Riley series by Keri Arthur, but I haven’t read Dancing with the Devil, the first book she published.

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