Shadow Spell by Nora Roberts

3 October 2014 Courtney 0

I am a great fan of Nora Roberts, and some of her books can be a miss for me, but I’m very happy to report that Shadow Spell was a hit! I had already fallen in love with the characters thanks to Dark Witch(the first of the Cousin’s O’Dwyer series) but Shadow Spell helped […]

JDRobb-Naked in Death

Naked in Death by J.D. Robb

14 July 2012 Trish 5

Every time I mentioned LE to my Mother-In-Law, she would start to talk about Nora Roberts’ (aka J.D. Robb) “In Death” series. Then I got jury duty and needed to take a paperback since they wouldn’t allow e-readers at the courthouse, so I borrowed the first of the series, Naked in […]

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Montana Sky by N. Roberts

22 September 2008 Jackie 1

I’m a fan of Nora Roberts, I really am, but for some reason Montana Sky just really didn’t hit home for me. When Jack Mercy died, he left behind a ranch worth nearly twenty million dollars to his three daughters—each born of a different marriage, and each unknown to the […]

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4 Novellas by N. Roberts

2 August 2008 Jackie 1

After receiving a box full of books from my mother, I came across a few novellas by Nora Roberts that I’ve read in the past and have enjoyed enough that I felt the need to write up reviews for them. I’ll be honest, I haven’t re-read them, but skimmed through […]

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Circle Trilogy by N. Roberts

13 November 2006 Jackie 0

The Circle Trilogy involves three novels taking place in the present. The series begins with Morrigan’s Cross, continues with Dance of the Gods, and ends with Valley of Silence. The series follows six characters who have been recruited to fight a war against a vampire named Lilith who is out […]