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Rune Witch Series by L. Stamps

21 July 2010 Tricia 2

When approached with this series to review I was ecstatic because I have been a fan of Laura Stamps for a while now. When it comes to sex and erotica, Laura definitely knows her stuff! “The Rune Witch Series” is an erotica novella trilogy, featuring Noelle (a feisty alpha Rune […]

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Naked by M. Hart

8 June 2010 Jackie 1

When I first read the blurb for Naked by Megan Hart, it sounded really interesting and I couldn’t wait to read it.  However, after finishing it, I feel like I’m still waiting…waiting for something to happen. No strings. No regrets. And no going back. I didn’t think he wanted me. […]

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Battle of the Network Zombies by M. Henry

5 June 2010 Marissa 0

I heard wonderful things about the third Amanda Feral, Battle of the Network Zombies by Mark Henry, which lead me to give it a shot. However zombie books have never been my thing, and honestly this didn’t change my mind. I went into this with an open mind, and hoped […]

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Seduced By Magic by S. Julian

3 June 2010 Tricia 2

I was introduced to the wonderful Stephanie Julian by a group on Goodreads and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style. She has created such an intriguing world that sucks you in the instant you start reading. Justin Johannson knows there are mythical creatures living among […]

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Carnal Healing by V. Reede

1 June 2010 Marissa 10

Virginia Reede’s Carnal Healing is the first book of a seven book series that promises to be truly magical. Leonore has always known she’s a witch—the direct descendant of the legendary Witch of Caernathen, whose power flowed from the sensual pleasures of sex. After years of searching, Lenore has found […]

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Kiss Me Deadly by M. Hauf

5 April 2010 Jackie 4

I can’t remember how I acquired Kiss Me Deadly by Michele Hauf, but since I have seen her name around a lot lately, I thought I would give it a try. I was looking for something to read on my Kindle and it was available. Maybe that’s where my problems […]

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Candy Houses by S. Walker

20 January 2010 Jackie 3

I love fairy tales, especially when they’ve been twisted around; so when I saw that Shiloh Walker was writing one involving various Grimm fairy tales, I was excited. The first story in the new Grimm Circle series is Candy Houses and it involves two characters you really don’t hear much […]