#3Bloggers1Series: Mercy Thompson Read-Along Finale

11 January 2018 Casey 0

As some of you may know, I am part of the #3Bloggers1Series podcast; and in 2017, we read the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. It was so much fun talking all things Mercy with Tamara from Shelf Addiction and Nicola from Alpha Heroes. You can listen to our podcast on […]

Veiled Magic by Deborah Blake

13 April 2016 Sarah 4

Fingers crossed that Veiled Magic by Deborah Blake is the beginning of a series! There’s something gripping about a well-written urban fantasy with an element of investigative police work. Full of intrigue, deception, and a lot of running from bad guys, Veiled Magic had me under a spell. Since Witches came out of the […]

Shadows of Fate by Angela Dennis

7 September 2015 Sarah 0

It’s a fantastic feeling when a book recommendation surpasses expectations.  Shadows of Fate by Angela Dennis did just that. An example of great world-building within the story, that doesn’t overwhelm the reader with too much information to process at once, is Shadows of Fate. The story follows Brenna, a Shadow Bearer banished to […]

The Fine Art of Deception: Undoing Time by Alyssa Richards

18 August 2015 Nikki R 0

Soul mates. Seeing and talking to ghosts. Psychic powers that influence people. Yup, The Fine Art of Deception: Undoing Time by Alyssa Richards had everything this hopeless romantic, paranormal girl wanted. Even though I ran across a few minor issues, I was quite taken by this novel. It had my […]

MBehre - Spirited

Spirited by Mary Behre

7 March 2014 Nikki R 1

If you like ghosts, with a dash of romance and topped with some murder mystery intrigue, then Spirited by Mary Behre just might be the novel for you. It is jam packed with activity from start to finish, making it a rather quick read. While, I can’t say it’s a new […]

RSBelcher-The Six Gun Tarot

The Six Gun Tarot by R.S Belcher

27 February 2013 Natassia 0

In a blend of old and new, R.S Belcher’s The Six Gun Tarot brings an entertaining read. With an ensemble cast, Belcher draws reference from old world fantasy and mythology from many faiths and cultures blending all in an epic fashion. With a western setting, The Six Gun Tarot feels […]

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Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane

13 July 2012 Nicole 2

I was a little late coming to the Downside series by Stacia Kane (please don’t beat me LOL!!).  But, I had gotten the first one on sale a few months back and over the last bit, I devoured the entire series…and was super excited to be able to read Chasing […]

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When Blood Calls by J. K. Beck

10 July 2012 Casey 0

I discovered a loophole in the New Author Challenge: if an author who’s books you’ve read before writes under a different name, you can read their new stuff and still count it as a new-to-you-author. So that’s why, even though I have already read and loved some of Julie Kenner’s books, I was finally able to […]

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Lessons After Dark by Isabel Cooper

21 June 2012 Nikki R 0

A school for ‘gifted’, aka magical children, a fake medium, and a magical healing doctor, romance, mystery and magic, sounds like it could be interesting.  It’s like a twist between Xmen and Harry Potter, with romance…and demons. That’s what I was feeling going into Lessons After Dark by Isabel Cooper. […]

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Medium Rare by Nancy Haddock

26 March 2012 Casey 0

The Halloween themed anthology Entangled contains novellas by authors I know and love, and by authors I have yet to try. A few years ago, I tried reading a book by Nancy Haddock but just couldn’t get into it. So I was really surprised when I was completely sucked into her novella, Medium Rare, […]