AAguirre-Bronze Gods

Bronze Gods by A. A. Aguirre

3 January 2014 Natassia 1

The writing duo A.A Aguirre brings to life a charming quirky addition to the steampunk genre in Bronze Gods. This first installment of the new Apparatus Infernum series gives us a world where fae and steam meet in a stellar fashion. The fun doesn’t stop with the mix of tech […]

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BE: Sirantha Jax

2 September 2011 Jackie 0

I’m not generally a fan of science fiction, sometimes the advance technology is just a bit too much, but there is nothing that will stop me from reading Ann Aguirre’s Grimpsace series.  Whether it’s the amazing places she takes us to explore or watching one of the complicated relationships unfold, […]

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Killbox by A. Aguirre

13 September 2010 Jackie 4

Ann Aguirre completely outdoes herself, yet again, and had me crying and getting so emotionally involved with Sirantha Jax in Killbox, that I don’t know how I’m going to wait a year to see what happens next. TALK IS CHEAP WHEN LIVES ARE IN JEOPARDY Sirantha Jax is a “Jumper,” […]

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Interview: Ann Aguirre

1 September 2010 Jackie 23

I had the chance to talk with Ann Aguirre about her amazing Sirantha Jax series while at the RT Booklovers Convention earlier this year and man did I find out a bunch of things.  First off, everyone has bought their copies of the latest Jax novel, Killbox, right? TALK IS […]

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Look Who’s Going to RT: Ann Aguirre (aka Ava Gray)

27 April 2010 Jackie 0

Can you introduce yourself to my readers a little? I’m Ann Aguirre. Under my own name, I write urban fantasy, romantic science fiction, and YA. As Ava Gray, I write sexy, high-octane paranormal romantic suspense, and as Ellen Connor, in collaboration with Carrie Lofty, I write apocalyptic paranormals. I’ve been […]

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Doubleblind by A. Aguirre

24 November 2009 Jackie 1

I am not a huge SciFi fan, but I absolutely adore the Sirantha Jax series by Ann Aguirre and she so reaffirms that with Doubleblind. It’s not easy to tread lightly wearing steel-toed boots. Sirantha Jax isn’t known for diplomatic finesse. As a “Jumper” who navigates ships through grimspace, she’s […]

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Wanderlust by A. Aguirre

9 September 2008 Jackie 1

I am really loving this series by Ann Agurire. Wanderlust is the second novel in her Sirantha Jax series and it picks up where Grimspace leaves off. Jax has been separated from her crew while the Conglomerate investigates Farwan’s involvement in the Sargasso crash. After finally getting all the endless […]

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Grimspace by A. Aguirre

25 July 2008 Jackie 3

Have you ever found a novel that isn’t in your normal comfort zone, and yet when you read it, you can’t put it down? Grimspace, by Ann Aguirre was like that for me. I don’t have anything against science fiction, but there are some novels that are just a bit […]