Exclusive Excerpt: The Gifted Dead by Jenna Black

18 September 2014 Jackie 9

I am excited to welcome author Jenna Black, who will be releasing a new urban fantasy series with The Gifted Dead on September 23rd. To whet your appetite, Jenna is sharing with us a fabulous piece from her new novel, The Gifted Dead. Politics and magic make dangerous bedfellows. Deep […]

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Pros and Cons by Jenna Black

1 July 2013 Jackie 0

Being a huge fan of Jenna Black’s Morgan Kingsley series, I’ve been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to dive into her new urban fantasy series featuring the petite Nikki Glass. Sadly I haven’t had a chance to read the first two novels – Dark Descendant and Deadly Descendant – but thank […]

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The Prince of Air and Darkness by Jenna Black

26 February 2012 Casey 1

There’s really only one thing I can say about Prince of Air and Darkness by Jenna Black and that is: I really freaking loved this book! Hunter Teague is the prince of the Unseelie Court, the dark half of Faerie. Raised in an atmosphere of unspeakable cruelty, Hunter has learned […]

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Casey’s Literary Rants

7 December 2011 Casey 1

In which I rant about everything in the Morgan Kingsley series by Jenna Black When I said everything, I really, truly meant everything. (From Morgan’s clothes to how I think The Devil’s Playground SHOULD have ended.) So, if you haven’t read all five books in the series (The Devil Inside, The […]

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Chicks Kick Butt anthology

3 October 2011 Nicole 0

I love anthologies for the simple reason they allow you to a) find new authors and b) allow an author to explore secondary characters’ stories that us readers tend to beg for *G*.  Chicks Kick Butt was no exception.  There are something like 12+ authors who wrote for this particular anthology, […]

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Interview: Jenna Black

2 June 2010 Jackie 0

While at RT, I had the chance to talk with Jenna Black and I so took it. Of course, I couldn’t resist asking a few questions about my favorite demon exorcist, especially since The Devil’s Playground may be the last novel in the series.  Jenna is celebrating the release of […]

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The Devil’s Playground by J. Black

27 March 2010 Jackie 0

I am a huge Jenna Black fan, but I do have to admit that while I loved The Devil’s Playground, I am left with a little dissatisfaction as well. Morgan Kingsley, a kick-ass exorcist, can deal with Lugh, the supersexy demon living inside her, but does he have to moan […]

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Speak of the Devil by J. Black

22 October 2009 Jackie 2

The fourth book in the Morgan Kingsley series by Jenna Black, Speak of the Devil, is a fabulous addition to this series. For a kick-ass exorcist, it’s all about staying alive . . . Morgan Kingsley, America’s most successful exorcist, is paying the price for an exorcism gone wrong. The […]

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The Devil’s Due by J. Black

1 December 2008 Jackie 0

I just finish the third novel in Jenna Black’s Morgan Kingsley series, The Devil’s Due, and honestly, this series just keeps getting better and better.  I don’t know what else I could say that I haven’t already said in my reviews of The Devil Inside or The Devil You Know. […]

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The Devil You Know by J. Black

30 July 2008 Jackie 1

I couldn’t wait for it so I made a trip to Barnes and Noble yesterday just so I could get my hands on a copy of Jenna Black’s new Morgan Kingsley novel, The Devil You Know. I’m going through a whole demon lovin’ period at the moment and the fact […]