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The Last Page by Anthony Huso

The city of Isca is set like a dark jewel in the crown of the Duchy of Stonehold. In this sprawling landscape, the monsters one sees are nothing compared to what’s living in the city’s sewers.

Twenty-three-year-old Caliph Howl is Stonehold’s reluctant High King. Thrust onto the throne, Caliph has inherited Stonehold’s dirtiest court secrets. He also faces a brewing civil war that he is unprepared to fight. After months alone amid a swirl of gossip and political machinations, the sudden reappearance of his old lover, Sena, is a welcome bit of relief. But Sena has her own legacy to claim: she has been trained from birth by the Shradnae witchocracy—adept in espionage and the art of magical equations writ in blood—and she has been sent to spy on the High King.

Yet there are magics that demand a higher price than blood. Sena secretly plots to unlock the Cisrym Ta, an arcane text whose pages contain the power to destroy worlds. The key to opening the book lies in Caliph’s veins, forcing Sena to decide if her obsession for power is greater than her love for Caliph.

Meanwhile, a fleet of airships creeps ever closer to Isca. As the final battle in a devastating civil war looms and the last page of the Cisrym Ta waits to be read, Caliph and Sena must face the deadly consequences of their decisions. And the blood of these conflicts will stain this and other worlds forever.

A Question of Time by Fred Saberhagen (Dracula Series #7)

The Grand Canyon—a great slash in the fabric of earth, where vision falls into infinity, and one senses the smallness of human concerns.

It is 1935. Jake Rezner, working in a CCC camp, meets a loving redhead named Camilla, whose skin is pale despite the summer sun. She leads him up a narrow side canyon he’d failed to notice before and introduces him to the man who lives there: a sculptor named Edgar Tyrrell. It seems that Camilla models for him. Yet what Jake sees of Tyrrell makes him want to leave at once.

Up on the rim, it’s 1991. Seventeen-year-old Cathy Brainard vanished into the Canyon a month ago, and Cathy’s great aunt—widow of the sculptor Edgar Tyrrell, who died in the 1930s—has engaged private detective Joe Keogh and his old friend Mr. Strangeways to find the girl. Strangeways fears foul play, and for good reason: Edgar Tyrrell, like Strangeways himself, is nosferatu. There will be nothing ordinary about this disappearance with a vampire involved, Strangeways knows.

Stormlord Rising by Glenda Larke

The last Stormlord is dead. War has come to the cities of the Quartern. The violent, nomadic Redunners have put every rainlord they could find to the sword and the cities are left without hope.

Shale has been betrayed, drugged, and left at the feet of his greatest enemy. Now, he must decide to work with those who have plotted against him or let thousands of the waterless die. He has great power but is no Stormlord. At least, not yet…

Terelle has escaped the Scarpen in search of her homeland and her people, the mysterious Watergivers. But a desperate message will send her back to find Shale and face her worst fears.

The people of the Scarpen are in danger. Shale and Terelle must find a way to save their people and punish those who have destroyed all they ever loved.

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