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jk beckToday, I am excited to welcome JK Beck, the author of the fabulous new series Shadowkeepers.  The third novel, When Wicked Craves, is getting ready to release on October 26th.

Petra Lang is cursed never to love. One touch of her skin unleashes the vilest demons. Sentenced to death by the Shadow authorities, who fear she’ll turn her curse against them, Petra is rescued by vampire advocate Nicholas Montegue. As their bodies merge and transform into mist, Petra feels an erotic longing.

Nicholas risked his own life to save Petra, yet he knows he can never give in to the explosive attraction he feels for her. But the deep yearning they share tempts them. Together, they must find a way to lift the curse. For only a love this strong has the power to overcome such monstrous evil.

Make sure you stick around to the end. We’ll be giving away a copy of When Wicked Craves to a lucky reader.

Summer may be on the outs, but to my way of thinking, autumn is the best month for reading. Here in Texas, it’s still hot (as in shorts and tank tops are fine and dandy) but there’s a nice breed, cool shade, loads of iced tea, and a sky so blue you feel like you
could fall into it.

And in my mind, that’s escape weather—escape to a park, escape for a walk, escape to the beach. Or just escape into imagination—your own, or an author’s imagination preserved in the pages of a book.

We’ve recently moved to a new house, and despite the boxes littering the place (I’m considering shellacking them and calling it modern art) the yard has been a priority. Getting the back porch comfy. Planting pretty fall blooms to look at. Installing a patio ceiling fan for a cool breeze, and fluffing up the pillows. My goal is to have a little outdoor retreat where I can lose myself in a cup of coffee, a breeze, and imagination.

I’ve even got a little table set up where I can prop up the iPad, pull out my wireless keyboard, and work on my next book. It’s the best kind of escape, actually. Sliding into another world that’s not only fictional, but also fantastical. And I’ve been having so much fun sliding into the dark and twisty world of the Shadow Keepers. I’m currently working on book 4, WHEN PASSION LIES, along with a companion e-novella (fun!), but the first two books (WHEN BLOOD CALLS & WHEN PLEASURE RULES) are already on shelves, with the third one (WHEN WICKED CRAVES) coming next month, so if you’re in the mood to join me for a leisurely day of reading (inside or out!) I hope you check them out.

The premise of the books is pure escapism…bounded by harsh reality. The “what if” behind the book is this: what if all the creatures you thought were the stuff of nightmares really exist? Possible, right? But then why don’t we hear more about them? Attacks on humans? In-fighting among these strong, supernatural beings? Because those in the shadows police themselves, and all are subject to an ancient judicial system that investigates, apprehends and adjudicates those who break the Covenant, an equally ancient system of laws designed to keep control over the shadow creatures and ensure that chaos doesn’t reign—and that humans remain safe.

Of course, not all of it is pure escapism. After all, I practiced law for years and years before quitting to write full time. So in some ways, it’s like revisiting the old day job. Except the old day job didn’t have vampires, werewolves, daemons and succubi. At least not that I know of!

I hope you check out the series…and I hope you have a fabulous autumn. It’s almost Halloween, and I definitely hope you get more treats than tricks.

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Want to purchase JK’s novels?


  1. When Blood Calls at Amazon or the Book Depository
  2. When Pleasure Rules at Amazon or the Book Depository
  3. When Wicked Craves at Amazonor the Book Depository

Blood Lily Chronicles writing as Julie Kenner

  1. Tainted at Amazon or the Book Depository
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  3. Turned at Amazon or the Book Depository

Demon-hunting Soccer Mom writing as Julie Kenner

  1. Carpe Demon at Amazon or the Book Depository
  2. California Demon at Amazon or the Book Depository
  3. Demons Are Forever at Amazon or the Book Depository
  4. Deja Demon at Amazon or the Book Depository
  5. Demon Ex Machina at Amazon or the Book Depository


When Wicked CravesThank you JK for visiting Literary Escapism.

Contest Time! JK has graciously offered to give away a copy of When Wicked Craves to a lucky reader.  All you have to do is answer this one question: Where do you like to escape to read?

As always, there’s more ways of getting your name in the hat (remember, these aren’t mandatory to enter, just extra entries):

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There is one thing I am adding to my contests now…the winner must post a review of the novel someplace. Whether it is on their own blog, Amazon, GoodReads, LibraryThing or wherever, it doesn’t matter. Just help get the word out.

The contest will stay open until October 19th, at which time I’ll determine the winner with help from the Research Randomizer and the List Randomizer.

I have not been contacting winners, so you will need to check back to see if you’ve won.

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  1. Where do you like to escape to read?

    I normally go to my room and shut the door… then the family and the dogs don’t bug me… But some how the cat always finds me….

    I am SSSSOOOOOO looking forward to reading this book….. Totally loved the first two….. But Nick is my FAVORITE…. So I believe this will be my favorite book….

    Thank you for a chance to win!!!

  2. I’m totally boring. My reading place is in the bedroom, with an awesome coconut scented candle and my favorite leopard print lamp. I sprawl out diagonally on the bed and enjoy not having to share the space with anyone!

  3. My reading place is in my room also, but whenever i have free time i read. I always bring my book to school with me and read during my one hour break :)

    The shadowkeepers series is a series i definitely will be looking in too.

    +1 LE facebook fan and LE twitter follower
    +1 commented on your review of The Sweet Scent of Blood by S. Mcleod

  4. Normally I stretch out on the couch and read. But my absolutely favorite place to read is the beach. I live in Ohio so I only get there on vacation. There’s something awesome about glancing up from your book to think about what’s going on in it and gazing out over the water. :-)

  5. I like to read in bed, with my red paper lantern light on. It’s a soft light. The only problem is at nighttime it’s hard not to fall asleep.

    The Shadowkeeper series is in my TBR pile. I wasn’t aware of the other series, I’m going to have to check them out.

    Twitter follower (beckerjo)

  6. I, too, like to read in my bedroom… But… I also keep books with me all the time… so I will also read at Disney or Universal while my son is riding rides I don’t want to ride… or between doggie classes… or if I’m waiting somewhere in my car… I’m always ready to read!

  7. Hey Kelly! Had a LOT of fun with Nick in Wicked…be sure to let me know what you think! (Oh, and cats ALWAYS find you…)

    Jenn, I love it! Especially the lamp. I’m a terrible sprawl on the bed reader. My elbows get tired. I’m totally a curl up with 8 million pillows girl.

    Thanks, Van!

    Carrie–yes, absolutely! I’m in Texas, so it’s coastal, but from where I live still a vacation outing. Somehow, a lake isn’t the same…

    Thanks, JoAnna–I hope you do!

    Linda, I’m the same way. My books are always with me on my phone. I’m a techno geek that way.

    Jennifer–I’m about to do just that: curl up in the chair in my office and see if I can finish The Haunting (awesome book…but creepy in a new house!)

  8. I read and reviewed the first book in the series and loved it. Just picked up the second book and can not wait to read it. Sounds awesome.

    Where do I read? Depends on the mood..lately in bed before bed or sitting in a comfy easy chair with a warm blanket around me in the evenings. Living in NY, it’s been getting colder here as we roll into fall.

    I am a fan on facebook and I sent a post through on my wall on the contest.(Dawn Roberto)

    Thanks for being here. I found a new blog to follow as well.

  9. Your Shadowland series is right up my alley. I have been reading about you all over the web lately and look forward to starting the series! I like to read on the porch swing now that fall is here. The smell of fallen leaves and wood burning fire places just makes me happy :)

    2 points for me
    follower, FB

  10. I like to escape to read anywhere I can. When I’m reading I can usually block out everything and just immerse myself into the book. My most frequent place to read is my office, I have a nice big double window and it’s the brightest room in the house.
    I’m looking forward to reading this new series, it sounds wonderful.

  11. As the mom of 13 children(all grown ) and 31 grandchildren,I have to be real inventive to find any time for myself,My special place is in the barn loft,I can read to my hearts content with only kittens and the occasional nosey chicken to bother me.After the farm quiets down for the night I can curl up in my easy chair with a cup of flavored coffee & be carried away to where ever my most recent book is heading.Looking forward to your new series,have our liabrarian looking for it now. Sincerly candy

  12. My favorite place is my living room – the couch is really comfortable and I love to cuddle there with a blanket and a fantastic book.

    I’ve spent a wonderful time with book 1 and will def keep reading your series!
    greetings, Melanie S.

  13. With two children escaping can be difficult so my answer would be, anywhere they can’t find me. Just being able to escape into a book for a long period of time is a treat so it doesn’t really matter where I am.

    If I had the choice, definitely curled up in my bed with a cup of hot tea and the fireplace going. Cozy and comfy!

  14. I just got a new recliner, so I try to escape there to read (it’s in my family room). But really, I can read anywhere, I just need my boys to be quiet! :)

  15. i escape into my room to read, but normally i just lay on the couch and read, it just depends on my mood

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