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Serpents StormHow do you define the differences between Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy?  It may seem like there’s an easy answer, but honestly, I’ve come across a few different opinions.  Want to hear mine?  Than head over to Novel Reaction where I’m discussing just this.

All Things Urban Fantasy is showing off a bunch of new covers.  As always, for all of this month’s covers, click here.  I’m spreading a few out here.

Have you seen the fan-driven multi-authored chain story, A Glimpse of Darkness, that Suvudu has been running?  The fifth chapter is currently up, which was written by Stacia Kane.  Here are the previous chapters –  first chapter (Lara Adrian), second chapter (Harry Connolly), the third chapter (Lucy A. Snyder) and the fourth chapter (Kelly Meding).

Ilona Andrews is playing with Twitter again.  If you caught the snippet from Kate 5 when it was up awhile ago (don’t go looking, it’s been taken down already), then you’ll love the new Twitter chatter between Kate and Curran.  If you haven’t seen the first Twitter chatter between the two, then you really should.  I don’t know about anyone else, but it makes me love Jim all the more.  *grin*

SciFiGuy has another fabulous Weekend Report.  Just some of the tidbits you’ll find are:

  1. P.N. Elrod also has a new blog and discusses her Vampire Files series from its origins in the 80’s to present.
  2. Tate Hallaway says the second book in the Vampire Princess of St. Paul series will be called Almost Final Curtain.
  3. Phaedre Weldon suggests that the next Zoe Martinique Investigations novel will be called Nephilim.

Over at Bitten by Books, Jackie has another fabulous Off the Fang where she is discussing the steampunk genre.  Speaking of steampunk, Meljean Brook has a couple of recommendations for anyone looking to try the genre.

Inkpop had some news I know my monkey is going to go bananas over.  The Cartoon Network is developing a new weekly animated series based on the How to Train Your Dragon books by Cressida Cowell.

Wicked Scribes has come across a few new release dates.

Heart of the ExiledThe League of Reluctant Adults is initiating a couple of new members.  Nicole is introducing us to one of them, Kevin Hearne, author of The Iron Druid Chronicles.  The other two members are Sonya Bateman (Master of None) and KA Stewart (Devil in the Details).

BSC has a breakdown on who is going to be playing members of the Vampire Covens in Breaking Dawn.  Also, it’s official, the movie will be broken into two parts with the first releasing November 18, 2011 and the second November 16, 2012.  I had thought they were going to release the second half six months after the first movie, but I guess they changed their mind.  Hopefully they’ll change their minds and change the release date in early 2012.  We can only hope.

Shiloh Walker has found out that the US Commerce Department’s Internet Policy Task Force is looking for people who have a vested interested in copyright law, internet economy, etc to give them some feedback. Shiloh has all the details.

Tate Hallaway has posted an excerpt from her upcoming novel, Devil Without a Cause, the first novel in an exciting new series, which will be released June 2011.

Vampire Wire has an exclusive excerpt from Skylar White’s upcoming novel, In Dreams Begin, which releases November 2nd.

Have you ever wanted to try JF Lewis’ Staked?  If so, head on over to Pocket After Dark where it’s available as a free download for the next 30 days.

Babbling About Books has another fabulous WTFckery.  Seriously, how Katiebabs finds this stuff is simply amazing.

Tez Says has found a bunch of new deals including Becca Fitzpatrick‘s Tempest, which is the 3rd book in the Hush, Hush series.

Camera ObscuraSean Cummings has posted the first chapter to his upcoming novel, Unseen World, which will be released



Vampires InstinctThe current contests on LE:

  1. JK Beck is giving away a copy of her novel, When Wicked Craves. Contest ends tonight!
  2. Krista D. Ball is giving away a copy of her novel, Harvest Moon. Contest ends October 21st.
  3. I’m giving away anywhere from 2 to 6 books. Contest ends October 21st.
  4. Marta Acosta is giving away a copy of Haunted Honeymoon and a Casa Dracula novel – winner’s choice. Contest ends October 22nd.
  5. Laura Bickle is giving away three copies of Sparks. Contest ends October 26th.

The Ranting Dragon is giving away a copy of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games, Stephen Deas’ The Adamantine Palace and Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker. Contest ends October 26th.

Anya Bast is giving away a copy of Cruel Enchantment.  Contest ends tonight.

Anya Bast is giving away two gift certificates in celebration of Jeweled‘s release. Contest ends November 2nd.

Kalayna Price is giving away two limited edition Grave Witch bookmarks.  Contest ends November 1st.

Fantasy Book Critic is giving away a set of Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin novels.  Contest ends October 25th.

Dark Faerie Tales:

All Things Urban Fantasy and Tygna’s Reviews are giving away a 5 copies each of VC Andrew’s Daughter of Darkness.  Contest ends October 25th.

Malinda Lo is giving away two copies of her novel, Ash, plus four other books. Contest ends tomorrow night.

Meljean Brook is giving away a copy of hte anthology Burning Up and Emma Holly’s The Demon’s Daughter.  Contest ends October 24th.

Book Chick City is giving away the free three novels in Lili St. Crow’s Strange Angel series. Contest ends October 31st and is only opened to UK residents.

Lurv a la Mode is giving away quite a collection of great fantasy novels.  Contest ends October 21st and is only opened to US residents.

Paranormality is giving away a Kindle. Contest ends October 31st.

SciFiGuy is giving away a copy of Scott Westerfeld’s Behemoth. Contest ends October 25th.

Jim C. Hines is giving away a copy of Marie Brennan’s A Star Shall Fall and Tanya Huff’s The Enchantment Emporium.  Contest ends tomorrow night.

Laura Stamps Contest

Tricia recently had the wonderful Laura Stamps in the hotseat here at LE. While she was here, we gave away two sets of Laura’s The Rune Witch Series trilogy. In order to enter, everyone had to answer the question: Leave me a comment regarding my review of The Rune Witch Series. OR Ask Laura a Question. Now, without further ado, the winner is:

MICHELLE G who said: Being from the South myself, I love stories that are set in my neck of the woods. I’m looking forward to adding Laura to my list of ‘must try’ authors. :)

I read your review of The Rune Witch series Jackie and all three novellas sound yummy. I don’t think the ‘darlin’ would bother me over much – again, being from the South – I hear it fairly regularly from some of the more – antiquated gentlemen. :)

ANNA who said: I’m not usually much of a novella fan but you have sold me on these books! I love that Laura is so open and vivacious, so I’m imagining that her books capture that same fun attitude. Not sure how I missed the review over the summer, darn kiddie monsters, but I’m glad that I had the chance to go back now.

And that cover for Sex Magick is delightful! Do you design these covers yourself? Either way, those abs look good!

Congratulations Michelle and Anna!

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