Ghosts & Echoes by L. Benedict

Ghosts & EchoesGhost & Echoes by Lyn Benedict is a fantastic sequel to Sins & Shadows and addition to the Shadows & Inquiries series! I have to say that judging this novel by its cover, I would never have picked it up – let alone thought I would love it!

Sylvie is trying to take it easy. She’s just saved the world but lost her lover in the process. And putting those she cares about in danger has never been part of her job description. Distracting herself from her grief, Sylvie investigates what appears to be a simple robbery only to uncover a complex case of organized murder with a magical edge.

But she has an even more pressing mystery to solve. Chicago cop Adam Wright has picked up a spiritual hitchhiker: the ghost of a dead man who desperately wants to live again. Wright believes Sylvie is the only one who can rid him of the spirit – a spirit she finds strangely familiar…

I am absolutely in love with the world that Benedict has created and find myself glued to the pages at all hours of the night.  Benedict puts a very cool twist on necromancy in Ghost & Echoes, as well as an interesting view on spiritual possession, that I haven’t yet seen in any story I have read.  Plus, it was more on the darker side of things – which to me is always a good thing as I love horror stories as well.

Ghost & Echoes starts off with Sylvie dealing with a death from Sins & Shadows and what seems to be a “simple and easy” case of robbery. Come to find out, not only is this case NOT so simple but it somehow involves her little sister as well as a mess of magic.  On top of that, Sylvie takes on Adam Wright’s case (with much fuss and refusal at first) only to find out that she knows the spirit that has possessed him.  Talk about a bad day!

The plot in Ghost & Echoes is rather fast paced and extremely entertaining. Sylvie is one lean, mean straight talker and she goes through a roller coaster of emotions that are a bit unexpected from her, and that makes for an excellent and thrilling read. The fact that her little sister, of which she has been trying to shield from the big bad world of magic, is involved makes the story even more tense and emotional – and honestly quite unexpected.

Overall, between the twist in necromancy and possession that Benedict includes and some absolutely captivating characters, Ghost & Echoes was a very refreshing to read.  The world is amazing.  The writing is enchanting and I loved the horrific spins on some very common ideas.  What more can you ask for in a book?!


  1. great review! I haven’t read this series yet, but it does sound really interesting and something i would like. Will be adding this series to my list of “books to read”!

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