Unknown by R. Caine

I was so excited with Undone that I rushed right into Unknown, and boy was it just as good and frustrating! (because of the cliffhanger endings!)

Living among mortals, the djinn Cassiel has developed a reluctant affection for them-especially for Warden Luis Rocha. As the mystery deepens around the kidnapping of innocent Warden children, Cassiel and Luis are the only ones who can investigate both the human and djinn realms. But the trail will lead them to a traitor who may be more powerful than they can handle…

Unknown was so jam packed with action, that I often wondered how the characters even breathed let alone managed! /grins

Unknown pretty much starts off where Undone left off, and when I mentioned it was packed with action, I mean it was pretty much non stop. I usually don’t mind a fast paced read, but Unknown threw so many obstacles and adversity that it was a wonder the characters were even able to get through it all. It was almost unbearable to read, wondering what bad thing was going to happen next – it was as if Caine ran out of plot and decided to throw in a ton of action scenes. Mind you these were awesome action scenes, but there were just too many for my taste.

Cassiel’s growth from Undone to Unknown was something that I really enjoyed reading about. She was a mean and relentless djinn who cared for nothing but herself and here she is now getting to know humans and how much they actually go through to survive. She will always be djinn inside and that will shine through in various times, which I absolutely love, but the fact that she is growing to be something more human is what makes this character so interesting.

The plot is rather fast paced, much like Undone, but instead of actually moving forward Unknown seemed to have gotten stuck and not much progress was made on the ongoing storyline. Well, I take that back, Cassiel’s development did indeed move forward /grins.

Unknown ends with another cliffhanger that about made me want to throw the book! Though, while this seems like it’s not a very good review, Unknown is still a great read, despite all of my hangups about it.

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