The Treasure Keeper by S. Abé

SAbe-The Treasure KeeperUsually in romance novels, the heroine is the damsel in distress and in desperate need of a rescue. Yet in the Treasure Keeper by Shana Abe, Zoe shattered that cliché by going on a quest to find and rescue her man.

She is a young drákon of untried powers. He is the powerful second son of the Alpha male from their clan of shapeshifting, supersensual beings. And what she is about to attempt will violate every taboo and break every law that bind the drákon together—and just may save them from destruction.

A mere seamstress’s daughter, Zoe Cyprienne Lane isn’t even in the same league as Lord Rhys Langford. Nothing could be more shocking than the notion that she’d set out to find her childhood friend and first true love. But when news arrives in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania that Rhys is being held captive, that’s just what she does. Guided by her own hidden Gifts and her psychic link to Rhys—his presence and touch as electric as if he were beside her in the flesh—Zoe is his last lifeline to a world and a passion he thought he’d never regain. Only reunited, hunter and huntress, can they save the drákon from those who would destroy them all.

Like the rest of the Drákon series, The Treasure Keeper was lyrical and captivating. Yet, unlike the rest of the series, Zoe had a larger role than Rhys. Zoe was one of the strongest heroines I’ve read about in a long time. She was extremely loyal, smart and ready to risk more than just her life to save the man she loved.

Rhys was an alpha male and used to being in charge, yet he had to let Zoe take control of the situation because he was a “ghost.” No one knows where his body was being held by his abductors, but because of Zoe’s gift, she was able to psychically connect to him and he manifested to her as a “ghost.” While there was the banter and a sparking sexual tension, Rhys was unable to do anything while Zoe repeatedly put herself in danger to discover not only his body but that of Hayden James, another drákon who had gone missing.

The plot was neither fast nor slow, but plodded along at a steady pace, more focused on the mystery than action. That’s not to say there wasn’t any – in fact, Zoe often had to push the boundaries of her endurance in fights that were never in her favor.

With intense fight scenes, a mystery that gets darker and more twisted as they slowly unravel it and an unexpected love triangle, The Treasure Keeper will enchant readers.

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  1. You had me until the the “unexpected love triangle” I hate those! It seems ever book I read lately had them. Just give me a heroine and hero please.

    Great review!

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