My Christmas Wish by Ember Case

Ember Case - My Christmas WishAfter a disappointing read, I was on the hunt for a good quick read and My Christmas Wish by Ember Case was able to deliver.

Tara Walsh has come a long way from paying her dues in a smoky New Orleans club. Her albums sell millions, her tours sell out and she has a hit DVD. Her name is known around the world. Now she’s back home for a holiday charity concert—and to say a proper goodbye to the past. A past named Duncan Rousse.

Five years ago, Duncan pushed Tara away for one reason: to force her to reach for the stars. She deserves the life she’s earned, even though it left him with a broken heart that’s never healed. Having her back in his arms only makes the pain worse, yet the last thing he can do is beg her to stay.

One wild, passion-filled night in the sexy Cajun’s bed has Tara’s body singing with pleasure. But can they both get what they want this Christmas?

There wasn’t really a plot, but My Christmas Wish had a lot of chemistry. It was another quick read and while I wouldn’t be upset if it was turned into a full length novel, the format totally worked and I wasn’t left feeling like I was missing something. The whole point of the story was for Tara to get reunited with Duncan and Case didn’t try making it complicated by adding some nefarious plot. It was a snapshot romance. These are the type of stories I love when I go through my reading funks. Quick and realistic romances that still gives the reader something. I get the feeling there’s something more about Duncan’s stepmother, and while we’re not given much else, it didn’t impact the story at all. It simply gave the idea that there will be trouble down the road, but Case didn’t want to add that distraction yet. She wanted to get her characters together and that’s what she did.

Overall, a great quick read and I’m really interested to see what else Ember Case has.

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