Sweet Possession by M. Banks

Sweet PossessionAfter I got my hands on a copy of Maya Banks’ Sweet Possession, it was only that pesky little thing called sleep that kept me from reading the entire book that night. (School and work kept me from finishing when I woke up the next morning.)

There is nothing Connor Malone wants to do less than babysit the outrageous and out-of-control pop star Lyric Jones. But part of him relishes taming the celebratty songstress and showing her what it’s like to be possessed-body and soul-by one man. And though Lyric’s crazy antics nearly drive Connor to the edge, his quiet intensity penetrates her defenses, leaving them both vulnerable to the secrets that could topple Lyric from the stage.

It was fun watching Connor and Lyric fall for each other, especially since it was hate at first sight for them. Both of them were very strong-willed characters, with stubborn streaks a mile wide. With nothing else in common, they might not seem like the perfect couple but they were. Because the more time they spent together, the hotter the sparks flew until they finally exploded with melt-off-the-page-hot sex scenes. Never once did their feelings ever feel forced or unrealistic.

There was more to the plot than just Connor and Lyric’s chemistry. The mysteries surrounding Lyric (her need for a bodyguard and the reason why she hates being alone) help add a dark twist to an otherwise sweet novel. Though I do have to add that said mysteries were only background noise to Connor and Lyric’s blossoming love. In other words, Sweet Possession was a love story through and through with a sprinkling of violence. But it was never once dull because Connor and Lyric’s verbal sparring was nearly as hot as their nonverbal.

If you’re like me, and totally new to the Sweet Series, (shame on us), Sweet Possession is a great place to start. All the couples from the previous books are here, giving Lyric the friends and family she never thought she could ever have. There weren’t any overlapping plots, but enough with those couples to entice/remind the readers about their stories.

My only problem with Sweet Possession was that it ended before I wanted it to. Not that it ended with any unanswered questions, but I just didn’t want to stop reading about Connor and Lyric.

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