Demons Do It With Green Steel

MBrooks - Heart of SteelHave you been wanting to go to the Book Expo of America, and thus the BloggerCon on May 27th, but you’re having problems justifying it?  Well, Presenting Leonore and Babbling About Books are offering two lucky bloggers the chance to go.  They each are giving away one person’s admittance into BEA and Book Blogger Con on Friday May 27th, which is a $120 value.  If you’re interested, all entries must be received by April 13th to qualify.

There were a ton of covers released in the last four days and the vast majority of thanks to Wicked Scribes.  Boy did she find some gems, including Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s Blade and JR Ward’s Envy.  Both are still preliminary so I’m not posting them here, but I did add them (plus a ton more) to the FB album for your viewing pleasure.

Author Appearances:

LWisdom - Demon Does Tt BetterShiloh Walker has posted a snippet from her upcoming novel, A Forever Kind of Love, which will be released April 26th.

Cynthia Eden has posted an excerpt from her upcoming novel, Never Cry Wolf, which will be released June 28th.

Lauren Dane has posted an excerpt from her upcoming novel, Mesmerized, which will be out tomorrow.

Subterrean Press just announced that they will be releasing Robert Bloch’s much anticipated project, Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper, which will be released in November 2011.  The project will include all of Bloch’s short stories, non-fiction, novel and teleplay about one of crime’s most notorious madmen.  Here’s the blurb.

Robert Bloch’s ground-breaking novel Psycho introduced the world (and renowned director Alfred Hitchcock) to Norman Bates, a killer who haunted a generation of readers hungry for psychological thrills. But Bates was not the only serial slayer to inhabit the shadows cast by Bloch’s pen. Witness Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper, a collection of tales that bring to life the darkest criminal legend of them all.

From the murky hell of London’s East End to the far reaches of space, Bloch charts the wicked path carved by the Ripper’s blade. Saucy Jack stalks the streets of 1940s Chicago in the title tale, while “A Toy for Juliette” (from Harlan Ellison’s groundbreaking Dangerous Visions anthology) sends the Ripper through the gates of time to a cold and distant future. The decks of the Starship Enterprise become Red Jack’s hunting ground in Bloch’s original Star Trek script, “Wolf in the Fold.” Plus, Bloch reveals the history of the Ripper’s heinous crimes and explores the controversial theories concerning the Whitechapel murderer’s true identity in a pair of essays and an original novel (The Night of the Ripper), all included herein.

Close your windows to the encroaching fog. Lock your doors and turn up the gaslights. Robert Bloch awaits you…and so does Jack the Ripper.

Babbling About Books has another fabulous WTF or Not? post.

And seriously….this new sequence for the upcoming Green Lantern movie makes it look freaking fabulous. Don’t you think?

The Book Girl, Just Another Book Blog and Love to Read For Fun are each giving away 3 copies of Larissa Ione’s Eternal Rider.  Ends April 10th, 18th and 11th respectively.

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