Devil Take It….I’m Jealous!!

I am so completely jealous of Scooper right now. She managed to get her hands on an early copy of The Devil You Know by Jenna Black and has a review up about it at her site.

If anyone is interested, Suburban Vampire has a list of upcoming vampire movies that span from 2008-2010. I didn’t know they were making another Underworld movie. It comes out in 2009 if anyone is interested.

I just found another informative site. The Myths and Truths Surrounding Werewolf Legend has a lot of detailed information involving everything from Greek mythology to occurrences in medieval France.

The National Post as an article on Rachelle Lefevre, who portrays Victoria in the upcoming Twilight movie. Finally, something on someone other than the two who are playing Belle and Edward. There has been so much talk about the movie, but it’s all been revolving around the two lead roles. What about the other cast members?

I’ve been reading different reviews/articles on the HBO series True Blood, which is based on the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Mysteries novels, and I’m getting a little concerned. I haven’t really seen anything that gives it a “likable” rating. The latest review I’ve seen was by Televisionary and they said it was royally disappointed. Has anyone seen anything good about it yet?

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  1. Hey it’s not very long until the book is released. :)

    I didn’t even know they were making a series about the Southern Vampire. I haven’t read any of the books, but I’ve heard good things about them. Now I’ve got to read them before I even think of watching the show.

  2. Hi, Jackie. There have been some interesting doings on Charlaine Harris’ Q&A board. A survey website previewed the first episode of True Blood (rumors are that the name is actually Tru Blood) and several people on the website finagled their way into the survey. Reports were extremely favorable, except for the obligatory HBO sex scene, and then people started giving out details and lawyers were threatened. No spoilers on the show are allowed on Harris’ website due to contractual obligations, of course. I didn’t see the show, but I hear that Sookie is very good.

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