Touch If You Dare by S. Rowe

SRowe-Touch If You DareI’ve read several of Stephanie Rowe’s novels and loved every one. So even before I read Touch If You Dare, I knew I would like it. What I wasn’t expecting was for it to be the best novel she’s ever written.

Jarvis Swain is fast turning into a hate machine, and if that happens, the whole world is doomed. Unless he can get Death’s sexy assistant Reina Fleming to help him…

When Death presents Reina with a dreadful ultimatum, Reina knows she needs to call in someone ruthless, powerful, and confident…

Jarvis Swain is the warrior Reina needs at her back, and she’s got the magic touch that ameliorates his dark side. But the two of them together are one heck of a volatile combination…

Enter the nonstop, action-packed world of Stephanie Rowe’s love stories-you’ll never think of the manly arts in the same way again.

Touch if You Dare is full of the humor, steamy romance and unique characters that Rowe’s readers have come to expect with each of her novels. From the very first sentence, I was laughing and sitting on the edge of my seat as the fighting between good and evil started off with a bang.

One might expect the Lord of Hate to be an evil, vile, greedy, moody man. Jarvis is none of those things (well, maybe a little moody, but given everything he’s been through, that’s not too bad). Even though he’s trying to prove his badass-ness after being held captive for 100 years in the Den of Womanly Pursuits, Jarvis is still a teddy bear at heart. A teddy bear that can kill a person before they even blink, but a teddy bear nonetheless. He would sacrifice everything to save the ones he loved because family comes above all else for Jarvis. Which is exactly why Reina, even though she’s a very capable warrior herself, had to accept his help in saving her youngest sister.

Reina, being one soul harvesting away from a promotion to becoming the Grim Reaper, is obviously a badass. Yet she has just as much of a soft heart as Jarivs, proven time and time again in her desperation to save her younger sister.

Jarvis and Reina are so perfect  for each other that puzzle pieces would be jealous. Every aspect of their personalities either balanced or enhanced each other in a way that was not only completely believable but made their chemistry explosive.

Some of the secondary characters (like Death and the Godfather) had their own plots going on, but that in no way detracted from Jarvis and Reina’s story. If anything, it enhanced their story, and made the reader rush to the end faster to see how it all tied together while still leaving enough to guarantee a third book to this amazing series.

Touch if You Dare will leave readers laughing, and possibly crying too – either from the emotional family scenes or from, you know, laughing so hard.

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