Blood Trinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love

SKenyon-Blood TrinityI was super excited to read Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love’s new urban fantasy Belador series, which starts with Blood Trinity.  I hadn’t read any of Kenyon before (ssh!! I have good reason, like oh 100 on the TBR pile, so adding the sheer amount of books, in the what I’m sure is awesome, Dark Hunter’s series just can’t happen *frowns* ).  These awesome authors do not let a reader down.  I loved Blood Trinity from start to finish.

All her life, Evalle has been straddling the line between human and demon. Curious about her origins, but content to live in the shadows, she finds that anonymity threatened by escalating conflicts between species. Accused of a savage murder, she’s forced center stage in what seems like the beginning of an Atlanta apocalypse. Before long though, her personal problems will submerge as she learns startling facts about a hoard of supernatural terrorists.

For some silly reason, Goodreads has Blood Trinity pegged as a PNR. Um, apparently they can’t classify all that well. I mention this because I don’t want anyone to be confused here.  It’s totally urban fantasy (hey for once the cover jacket label is correct..yay! *G*) with only a hint of possible romance.  I’m not completely ruling out a romance, or perhaps even a love triangle, in future books.  There is definitely some set up for either of those possibilities to occur with coming books; but, if either develops, I have a feeling this will be one of those slow burn (Jocelyn Drake fans know what I’m talking about!) ones that develop over several books, especially because our heroine has major trust issues.

Blood Trinity has multiple POVs, so I’m gonna refrain from giving some narrative and insight into each POV. There is a clear heroine, Evalle, but there are, IMHO, several “heroes” and not all would be love interests.  Evalle, though, she is made of total badassness. Let’s just say that synopsis doesn’t do her or Blood Trinity justice by any stretch of the imagination.  Evalle isn’t human, period.  She’s Alterant.  Since Evalle doesn’t even really know her true origins, we the reader don’t either.  We do know 1/2 of her origin, which comes from a species called Belador.  Now what the origins of Beladors and the other “races” of supernaturals are in Blood Trinity, aren’t really told.  We do get the back story behind what everyone is and their powers, etc.

The Beladors have a mortal enemy the Kujoo and all this comes into play as the story develops along. It’s hard to say more without giving a boring summary or spoilers ;).  I will tell you Beladors have supernatural powers, and as 1/2 Belador, Evalle has her own powers…such as kinesis and telepathy.  Yeah, comes in pretty handy *G*.   Also, be aware that Alterants are not well liked (for good reason) in this world and things are a constant struggle for Evalle and trust doesn’t come easily for her.  However, her putting trust into others proves pivotal in the end.

Blood Trinity is the start of a fantastic UF series (named the Belador series).  I felt the pace of the plot was spot on, with the slower parts being world building, which is to be expected.  If you’re new to UF as a genre and are kind of like how I was when I first started reading the genre, the world building seemed tedious and too slow.  Blood Trinity is no exception to that rule.  I promise the payoff is worth it, just truck on along.  After about 1/2 way through the book, I hated to have to put it down. The action started cranking up and why oh why did I have to sleep?!  Blood Trinity ends on a mild cliffhanger and I’m thankful the second in the series, Alterant is already out.  I know what is next on my TBR stack to get read *wink*.

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