Black Friday Contest: The Mortal Bone by Marjorie Liu

Black FridayWhat is a Black Friday without a few gifts and surprises? Marjorie Liu wanted to be here, but due to deadlines (and we totally want more stories, right?), she was unable to participate. However, she’s sent along this fabulous beauty instead: The Mortal Bone. We are giving away 3 copies of The Mortal Bone and I know you want it. *grin*

MLiu-Mortal BoneWhen the bond Maxine Kiss shares with the demons tattooed on her skin is deliberately severed, the demon hunter is left vulnerable and unprotected. For the first time in ten thousand years, the demons have a taste of freedom. And as the little demons grow more violent and unpredictable, Maxine starts to fear they will lose their minds without her. Reuniting won’t be easy, since a greater temptation waits for these hellions: a chance to return to their lives as Reaper Kings, and unleash hell on Earth.


Meet by Marjorie Liu!

Marjorie LiuI was born around Philadelphia, spent my formative years in Seattle, and now reside in the Midwest. I went to Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, for my undergraduate studies, majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures, with a minor in Biomedical Ethics. I then attended law school at the University of Wisconsin, graduated in May 2003, and was admitted to the bar a couple weeks after. I loved law school. Did not like being a lawyer. Which is why I decided to become a writer.

I’ve studied and traveled extensively through Asia, and spent some time working at the US Embassy in Beijing. I love to read, I love to write, but what I love best of all is proving to myself that dreams do come true.

Oh, and I like poodles. And cats.

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Contest Time!

Marjorie Liu is giving away 3 copies of The Mortal Bone. To enter, all you have to do is answer this one question: Maxine’s demons, who are former Reaper Kings, vs the Black Friday crowds – who would win and why? Remember, you must answer the question in order to be entered.

Even though I’m not giving the additional entries any more, you can still help support the author by sharing their article, and this contest, on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere you can. After all, the more people who are aware of this fabulous author ensures we get more fabulous stories.

The winner must post a review of the novel someplace. Whether it is on their own blog, Amazon, GoodReads, LibraryThing or wherever, it doesn’t matter. Just help get the word out.

All Black Friday contests will remain open until December 31st at which time I’ll determine the winner with help from the snazzy new plug-in I have. Have you checked out the other Black Friday contests yet? Check out the Master List to see all the Black Friday giveaways

I have not been contacting winners, so you will need to check back to see if you’ve won.

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  1. Oh Black Friday Shoppers definitely…Armed with Pepper spray, crowbars…and all sorts of nefarious purposes…come one…the American people are a force to be reckoned with when their sales and bargains are put at risk! lol
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    hense1kk AT cmich DOT edu

  2. The black Friday crowd definitely. The Maxines Demons are trying so hard to not be the reaper kings. They are dangerous and deadly but they can also be cute and cuddly. They have souls and some people on Black Friday do not.

  3. The Black Friday crowd…when they want something no demon, human or thing is going to get in their way. They know how to fight dirty and are very resourceful. They can elbow, taunt and wack their way through a crowd.

  4. I’d have to go with Maxine’s guys. While they are good and are trying to stay reformed, they *are* former Reaper kings and can kick any bootie. They’d probably do it more gently now, but the Black Friday crowds would suddenly find themselves elsewhere in a hurry ;)

    Love, love, love this series. Can’t wait for The Mortal Bone!

    Happy Holidays!

  5. I’ve never faced the Black friday crowds but they look scary! I think I’d rather face the former reaper kings! At the very least Maxine’s demons probably wouldn’t be up so early…

  6. Black Friday crowds. Talk about evil at the crack of dawn. It takes something to wait in line and outside for that long and then still fight over it.

  7. I don’t know, it seems like people get totally caught up in the crowd mentality on Black Friday, and at that point, they can overcome just about anything, so I wouldn’t bet against them.

  8. To be the devil’s advocate, I’d say the boys would win. They can be pretty scary when they want to be. And no matter how much a crowd wants that new tv/gadget/pot holder, I bet if the boys stood in front of a store eating their way through say–a car–the crowd would dissipate pretty quick. That and the crowd would realize demons were eating their transportation home.

  9. I’d definitely go with the Black Friday crowd. I’m pretty sure 200 people who have been waiting outside overnight, and possibly longer, for one of three available 52″ flat screen TVs could have some former Reaper Kings cowering in a corner in a matter of minutes.

  10. Even though the Black Friday crowds are pretty rabid and vicious, I’d say Maxine’s demons would win because they wouldn’t care about repercussions and would just rip into everyone without mercy.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  11. i think that would be tough.. im thinking it could be a draw.. those black friday crowds are vicious! (did you hear about the lady who peppersprayed a bunch of people for a ps3?)

  12. black friday. geez, thas why i didnt go shopping, i didnt want to commit a felony charge or have 1 commeited againtst me

  13. Maxine’s demons would win hands down. Nothing can keep those little fellas from something they want, especially if they are hungry.

  14. The Boys. All of you answering with Black Friday Crowds have obviously not read the previous books in the series, or there would be no doubt in your minds. Zee and company would kill and eat everyone. The only thing stopping them is daylight.

  15. Lol, I think it would be the battle of the apocalypse! And I’m pretty sure the shopper masses would win, especially if some brides are in the horde! They can get pretty vicious and completely crazy when it comes to getting what they want, they wouldn’t despise fighting like girls, which we know is fighting dirty! :-D

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