Outlander Reading Challenge: Dragonfly in Amber

2012.OutlanderThis year, Literary Escapism is hosting the Outlander Reading Challenge, a fabulous saga of love, intrigue, war, politics and everything else one would want in a story. At a whopping 6,720 pages, this series is definitely one that can be a little intimidating for anyone who’s just starting; but one I believe is well worth the time and effort it takes. So let’s take a look at this series together.

Each month during 2012, we’ll be discussing each novel from this series, as well as the Lord John spinoff, and I totally can’t wait to see how everyone is enjoying each novel. This month, we are discussing Jamie and Claire’s time in Paris as well as Brianna’s first trip to Scotland in Dragonfly in Amber.

DGabaldon-Dragonfly in AmberWhat do you think?  Did you enjoy Dragonfly in Amber? Is this your first time reading it or are you re-reading the series along with me? If this is your second time, did you notice anything that you had missed the first time through?

What did you think of Brianna’s reaction to learning about her blood father? How would you have reacted?

We definitely see a lot of different places in Dragonfly in Amber – Lallybroch, Paris, Culledon – which location was your favorite? While at each location, Claire and Jamie are put through a gambit of emotions; did you react right along with them or did you feel some of the scenes were forced?

At the end, do you think Claire makes the right choice?  If you were in her place, what would you have done?

What did you think of Charles Stuart, the man responsible for all the heartbreak Claire and Jamie has endured in Dragonfly in Amber? Are you familiar with him, historically speaking? What did you think about Gabaldon’s portrayal of him?

We get to see a different side to Jonathan Randall when we’re introduced to his brother, Alex.  Does his relationship with his brother help redeem him a little in your eyes?

Speaking of Jonathan, do you think Jamie’s reaction to the situation he finds Fergus in warranted or did he overreact?

Was there a particular character, aside from Jamie and Claire, that sticks out for you?  Was there one that you instantly took a dislike to?

Was there a part of the novel you just have to discuss?  Did something stick out for you, strike a cord?

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to post a link to your review over on the challenge page.  If you’re just joining the challenge, you can still participate in the discussion for the first novel, Outlander. We’ll be discussing the first novel in the Lord John spin-off, Lord John and the Private Matter, at the end of the month.  I hope you’ll be able to join us.


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  1. I am a paranormal romance author and I have read all of Diana Galbaldon’s Outlander Series with the exception of the last part of the last book because I can’t bear to wait for the next one to come out when I know that this one is finished. That all being said, I LOVE these books! The characters are rich, beautiful, deadly, evil and most of all darn interesting. I could talk a month about Jamie, the Hero, in the series. The book Dragonfly in Amber was not the best of the books. I believe Outlander was and then Voyager. As the books go on, like in Dragonfly in Amber, the situations became more and more complicated and hard to follow. I was forever going back and rechecking information in the earlier books. Especially when you get to the end of the series, some things come to make sense. Personally, I would love to see these made into a miniseries but I don’t know how they can. I would like to hear what everyone else thought!

  2. I honestly think Dragonfly might be the second best book of this series after Outlander. IMHO it’s the strongest of the sequels and I loved how well D. Gabaldon did in making that time period feel real.

  3. Patricia,
    You have a great opinion! Never say your opinion is humble!! I meant to say “Dragonfly in Amber” was not one of ‘my’ favorites would never mean that it should be everyone’s view or opinion! Personally, I just love “Voyager”. It had so much resolution, romance, longing and resolve in it. It was like Diana Gabaldon was reading my mind and telling me exactly what I wanted to happen word for word. The other books are EXCELLENT also but if you would have to put the screws on so to speak, I would rate “Outlander” and “Voyager” as my favorites in the series. Like I said, I’m an Author, and I can’t write a character like “Jamie Fraser” he just an icon which there is no compare. EVERYONE should read the series, it took me about a year quite honestly but it was worth every lucious minute of it!! HAPPY READING!

    • I loved Dragonfly in Amber as well, and for some reason, I’m not a fan of Voyager. I think it’s because it’s a transition novel for the series. We’re no longer in Scotland and dealing with the rising, but moving to the New World. However, speaking about Dragonfly, I love how Gabaldon doesn’t keep us in one area either. We’re in both Paris and Scotland and each have their own mini-subplots that all intertwine together.

      I have to agree with Emily, there are so many little things that can be overlooked or just included that it does seem like we need a series guide sometimes. Thankfully there is one. *grin*

      Emily, they are making OUTLANDER into film! I haven’t heard whether it’s a mini-series or a featured film, but it’s in the works as we speak. IMDB originally had it marked as being released this year, but they haven’t done the casting for it yet, so I’m not expecting it until next year at the earliest.

  4. Jackie,

    I am glad you responded to the post. There are little nuiances that can keep you into Dragonfly in Amber. I respect your opinion and others out there:) So, EVERY one should read this book and all the others because they have a life of their own. You get so caught up in the middle of them. One poignant part was the Fontainebleau scenes. I was crying and my tears wouldn’t stop. However, I don’t want to give anything away for you all who haven’t read it. Another little snippet to watch for is the scenes with Raymond! I LOVED HIM! I loved how Diana Gabaldon put the mystery into him in the highest degree. It was awesome!!!

    Now, as far as this… ummm… movie… Has any movie ever come up to the same level as the book? RARELY! I’m doubtful, number one, that they can find a tall, strong, built, muscular, beautiful and gorgeous Jamie. Just the physicalities alone preclude a lot of people. Then to play Jamie… well, that would have to be one damn good actor. I would like to see the movie but I’m afraid they will butcher my characters. Case in point, S. Meyers with the Twilight wrote a cute 4 book series and I read them. However, when the movies came out I was really disappointed a lot. I wasn’t please with much because the movies just didn’t carry the right actors, directing and most of all heart. Well I could go on and on with all this, suffice it to say, movies are not MY cuppa tea when re-making books. It’s like eating a snickers bar but there are no nuts or caramel:) Too funny using a food reference! I’m hungry, it’s dinnertime!

    Thanks Jackie and all the rest READ!!! You won’t be sorry, I welcome any and all backlashing. When you respond, I will see it!

    Happy reading… love that Jamie! Emily:)

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