RWA’s RITA and Golden Heart Award Finalists

EConnor-NightfallThe RWA has posted this years finalists for both their RITA and Golden Heart Awards and there are some great authors who have made the lists.  In the the Paranormal Romance section, there are quite a few recognizable names:

  1. Changeling Moon by Dani Harper
  2. Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison
  3. Nightfall by Ellen Connor
  4. The Restorer by Amanda Stevens

All four of these novels are on my TBR list and I really haven’t heard anything but great things about them.  However, in the Golden Heart Awards Paranormal Romance section, I have to say that I don’t know a single author.  Haven’t even heard of them in fact.  Have you?  Did you read the books nominated?  What did you think?

  1. Bathtub Jinn by Kay Hudson
  2. Better Dead by Pamela Kopfler
  3. Draxis by Laurie A. Green
  4. Figs From Thistles by A.J. Larrieu
  5. Never Deal with Dragons by Lorenda Christensen
  6. Trouble in Mind by Donna Frelick
  7. Unchained Memory by Donna Frelick

AAguirre-EnclaveThe paranormal genre didn’t just stick to their little niche category either.  A few other novels showed up in a few of the other RITA categories:

I’m thinking the paranormal genre dominated the Strong Romantic Element category and booyah!  All of those authors are fantastic and totally deserve to take home the RITA.  I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed when the awards are given out this summer at the annual RWA conference in Anaheim, California (July 25 – 28th if you’re in the area).

If you’re looking for something to read or simply want to try something new, then make sure you check out this years finalists because ideally they are all suppose to be great, right?

Have you read any of this years finalists?  Was there one you loved (regardless of genre)? Couldn’t believe it made it to the list? Was there a novel you thought should have made the list?

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