Rev it Up by Julie Ann Walker

JAWalker-Rev It UpI love me a good romantic suspense and Rev it Up by Julie Ann Walker delivered quite nicely. A sexy hero, (heh, there are LOTS of sexy men, actually *G*) and a psychopath on the warpath. Yep…Rev it Up had it all.

Career soldier Jake “The Snake” Sommers has made a few mistakes in his life, but none so terrible as forsaking the only woman he’s ever loved. But he’s finally conquered his inner demon, the one that thirsted only for blood. So, now he’s back. And he’s not leaving without Michelle. Unfortunately, her enemy has other plans. Plans to see her dead.

Mother. Warrior. Lover. She’s the one he left behind…

Michelle Carter has never forgiven Jake for abandoning her all those years ago. Now he’s suddenly back, after she’s finally begun to make a life for herself. But her safe, orderly world is about be blown apart. With a psychotic Las Vegas mobster gunning for her, she has no choice but to turn to Jake. Only there’s more at stake than her life. As they all head for a showdown, something that was never meant to be revealed is suddenly thrown into the light. And with a secret this hot, there’s bound to be an explosion.

Let me just put it on out there..Jake is a SEAL, who has just retired, so I guess he’s a former SEAL.  Ooooh man oh man I have a weak spot for these kinds of heroes (the KGI series by Maya Banks anyone?). *G* And who does Jake go to see? His former SEAL buddies who’d retired a few years before him and started a private investigations company (BKI).  So, heh, you get to see lots of nummy former SEAL guys.  Do you really need more incentive ha ha?!

Ah well, seeing as this is a review site and this is supposed to be a review, I suppose I should tell you my thoughts.  Give me a quick second while I finish drooling over the thought of Jake & co :P.   In all seriousness, I really enjoyed Rev it Up.  The story isn’t just told through 1 or 2 POVs. You actually get several…Jake’s, Shell (Michelle), Vanessa, Rock and maybe one other that I can’t think of off hand.  The pacing is pretty even and it was hard to try and skim ahead when there was a lag, given the multiple POVs and during a lag in action, you’re seeing things that I’m guessing are a hint to the next book in this series.  I’m pretty sure I know who the next main character/couple will be.

I loved Jake.  He is this big bad SEAL who has it bad for Shell, the love of his life that he let get away…but he’s back now to claim her.  Really, he’s a big darn teddy bear when it comes to Shell.  He’s also protective. There’s a psychopath who has targeted his former comrades and when someone needs to stay behind to watch out for Shell and her son, Jake’s more than happy to do it. Jake also has some big demons, demons he has spent several years excising so he can be the man he feel he needs to be to deserve Shell…the man he believes she deserves, someone who can give her his all.  It takes some convincing to mend Shell’s broken heart but they both learn Jake wasn’t the only one keeping some big secrets.

Shell is a sweet woman.  She’s the kind who will do anything for those she cares about and the BKI boys are at the top of her list.  She’s also a fiercely protective mom, and once you learn of her own upbringing, you understand the reason behind the uber fierce protectiveness.  She’s also been hiding a really big secret. One that even her brother (the head guy of BKI and the other guys’ former CO) didn’t know.  A lot of Rev it Up is focused on Jake and what he did and how each of them saw the situation and felt about the aftermath.  Then you get hit with Shell’s secret and wowza! I’m pretty amazed that this kind, sweet and caring woman was able to keep this secret.  But, when you learn what it is and the why behind it, you can see it. I can’t say much more or what the secret is even about since you could deduce a pretty big spoiler…but be prepared to kind of be blindsided.

If you’re into romantic suspense, I highly recommend Rev it Up. If you like hot military, or in this case, former military men, again I recommend Rev it Up. So, um when does the next installment of the BKI men come out, I kinda need it now ;).

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  1. Jackie, I think she means the next BKI is out. ;). And you’re so welcome…I read them all in reverse order and LOVED them all *G*.

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