The Asylum Interviews: Trixie by Jocelynn Drake


JDrake-TrixieThe Asylum Interviews: Trixie is the second prequel in Jocelynn Drake’s new series, The Asylum Tales.  As the title denotes, in this novella, we get to learn how Trixie and Gage (the hero of the series) meet.  A disclaimer here, I read Angel’s Ink, the first full length novel of the series, prior to reading The Asylum Interviews: Trixie so I was super stoked to see how Trixie came to work with/for Gage.

I admit, after reading The Asylum Interviews: Trixie I had more questions than I had answered.  I adored getting to see how Trixie came to Low Town (you don’t get the why…that is actually gets revealed in Angel’s Ink).  She comes based on a recommendation of her vampire friend, Jo; but it is about Jo that I now have more questions…I want her backstory!

Also, The Asylum Interviews: Trixie is a novella. It’s only about 60 pages long. Just enough to give you some history between how Trixie and Gage meet.  You don’t really get to know Trixie.  She’s hiding from something…and who she really is. Neither of which I can get into because all this would be a spoiler for things you find out in Angel’s Ink.  So, yep, you’ll need to go pick it up in October *G*.  But, the story was very well written and flowed well.  It was nice to get to see that first spark of relationship interest, at least as far as Gage is concerned.  It was kind of cute getting to watch him try really hard…and failing being an asshole to Trixie.  He knew at once he was attracted to her but due to his own past and secrets thought it best to keep her at a distance.  So, he puts forth an effort…when he remembers…to be a butt to her. Yeah, Gage is so not an ass.  Sure he can be one…he’s a guy after all.  But Trixie sees right through it and calls him out as the good guy underneath that he really is.  Loved that.

For such a short story, there is quite a bit of action.  You get introduced to a few more characters.  Jo, who is Gage’s ex girlfriend….and a nest of gargoyles.  Heh, Jocelynn, if you read this…can we have more of them? I lurved them!  Anywho…the gargoyle’s play a fairly big part in The Asylum Interviews: Trixie – they have some much needed information that Gage needs.  Also Jo is a badassed vampire….with a bit of a problem from one of the local master vamps.  It is this problem that supplies all the action and gives us our first glimpse into how Gage and Trixie interact and sets that stage up for Angel’s Ink.

Guys, I’m super excited for this whole new world/series that Jocelynn has created.  I’ve read all 3 that are currently written (she was working on the 2nd novel).  If you liked her Dark Days series and if you’re a fan of UF I promise you that you’ll love The Asylum Interviews: Trixie  as well as The Asylum Interviews: Bronx, the first prequel and Angel’s Ink. The premise behind this world she’s created is like none I’ve currently seen on the market. I love the idea and love the freshness of it all.

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