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I feel like rambling today. Is that wrong of me? I don’t know, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but when you’re stuck in a house with a 2yo pretty much every day, conversations are not exactly plentiful. *grin* So I feel like talking for just a bit. Actually, I feel like raving and wanting someone to A. understand and B. actually listen. *grin*

TV-ArrowTV-Beauty and the BeastMovie-Hobbit

Is anyone else getting excited for the new fall lineups?! Other than the fact that the Big Bang Theory premiered tonight (love that show), the CW is getting ready to launch two new supernatural shows that look promising. Although honestly, I have to say that Arrow looks to be a little more intriguing than Beauty and the Beast. Granted, I’m turning into a DC Comics junkie thanks to the monkey, but c’mon…have you seen the trailer? Doesn’t it look awesome? That’s not to say I don’t love me some Marvel either. Did anyone else go out and buy The Avengers when it went on sale Tuesday? HULK SMASH! Sorry…squirrel moment there. Love that movie and just confirms that Whedon is a genius. *grin* So what other shows are coming back or premiering that you’re getting excited for?

Oh! I nearly forgot…Merlin is back in 3 short months. Yes! I love me some fantasy wizard and I’ll soon get even more of that when The Hobbit. Interestingly enough (or not), I haven’t read the book. I make the mistake of trying to read The Silmarillion first and that totally made me lose interest in Tolkien – but I love the movies. An Unexpected Journey comes out in December, but for those of you already anticipating the second and third movies in the trilogy, IMDB has the titles and dates up already. I’m not sure if I’m crazy about them yet, but again for all I know they are major points in the books, so we’ll see. Either way, they are kind of catchy. I mean The Desolation of Smaug (Dec 13, 2013) and There and Back Again (July 18, 2014) have a good ring to them. Okay, I admit…the final film’s title seems a little obvious even to me.

School's InThe raving part of today’s sidebar – has everyone been following the School’s In feature? Or am I the only one enjoying it? *grin* All I can say is the group of authors who have participated ROCK. Seriously.  This isn’t LE’s first event, but I do have to say that it is the first event that hasn’t had an author forgot, stand me or decide no to do it at the last moment. That may not seem a huge thing to others, but it means something to me. So I do want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the fabulous authors have participating in this last minute idea of mine. Also, everyone realizes there…like…two dozen contests going on right now and ending on October 7th, right?

Feature & Follow #116And the reason I got this urge to talk…have you seen Parajunkee & Alison Can Read‘s Feature and Follow event? It’s kind of cool and oddly enlightening. Bascially each site features a new blogger and then people can sign up and find other new sites to browse/follow. The enlightening part – there are a lot of bloggers out there.  I’ve been kind of in a deadzone when it comes to blog sites. With the news feature here on LE, my reader is filled with author feeds and sites I know who do more than just review novels and do memes. So I haven’t really had the time just to cruise the net and see who is new or out there. I’m going to be making some time this weekend, that’s for sure. I think my reader could use some new blood.

So here’s a question I have for you…what new sites have you recently found? What is it about them that you like?

For having a review site, I don’t read reviews. I don’t like them. Humor me for a sec…I can’t say I don’t like them, but I dislike reading reviews of novels I haven’t read yet. I tend to have a good memory when it comes to books, so if I’ve read a review prior to writing my own, I’ve had moments when another review has popped into mine and I don’t want to get influenced. Does that make sense? Although, on the flip side, there has been times where a review has sparked a thought for my review that wasn’t covered in the other – but that doesn’t happen often. So I don’t read reviews of unread novels. I love reading what other people thought of books I have read though.

Yeah see….I’ve been rambling, haven’t I? I do that a lot. Just ask the hubby or my parents. If I haven’t had any social interaction in awhile, I tend to talk non-stop and strangely, that’s not me. Not really.  Well it is since I do it, but my typical RL behavior isn’t like that. There it is again, rambling. Alright fine. I don’t want to go on forever (because I probably could), so I’ll end this now.

Oh! One more thing…if you did end up here because of the Feature & Follow event and want to know how to follow me – Facebook, Twitter or my RSS feed are really good ways. I’m more active on Facebook, but now that I have HootSuite, I’ve been a little more active on Twitter.  Oh and Google Plus! I keep forgetting about that one since I wasn’t on it as much, but I am now.

Okay, I need to shut up now. Does anyone else have this problem? I seriously am having an issue with getting my fingers to stop type. I think I’ll go bug Twitterlandia now.

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  1. I just recently spent some time watching trailers for upcoming movies and I thought The Hobbit looked pretty good. I admit that I’m not a big Tolkien fan (books or movies) and the second LOTR movie kept putting me to sleep. My 10 year old loves them though.
    The book-to-movie trailer that got me excited was Cloud Atlas. I hadn’t heard of the book but the trailer for the movie looked AMAZING! Therefore I had to immediately read the book which was brilliant with the most incredible writing….
    It’s funny that you don’t read reviews. I probably shouldn’t because I end up with far too many books on my to-read list based solely on an amazing review. But I also search out reviews from certain people when I’m debating whether or not I want to read something.
    To answer your question about what new sites I have found through the Follow Friday; I actually just bookmarked one to come back to because I enjoyed the way she writes, very informal and conversational. This was The Housework Can Wait Also, concerning the official FF Question posed by Parajunkee – The word I had to look up was from David Mitchell’s novel Cloud Atlas. Check it out here
    I was already following you. :)

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