Magic Gone Wild by Judi Fennell

JFennell-Magic Gone Wild

JFennell-Magic Gone WildNormally, I love the cutesy, funny paranormal romances. Unfortunately, Judi Fennell and I have a different sense of humor. So, instead of laughing and awww-ing over Vana and Zane, I had to put down Magic Gone Wild less than 100 pages into it because I could not stand it any longer.

to live up to the name “Aphrodite,” she’s stuck living in her master’s attic, and her powers are on the fritz. To make matters even worse, her master’s great-grandson, Zane, informs her that she has completely ruined his family’s reputation. Zane is ready to sell his family’s estate, genie and all but Vana’s bound and determined to fix her past wrongs. Can Aphrodite prove to him that his life needs a little bit of magic?

I have to say Vana was one of the sweetest people ever. She was constantly thinking about other people and ways she could help them. That being said, she was also one of the dumbest people I have ever read about. I think it was supposed to be part of the silly humor. Yes, when a heroine messes up something she’s supposed to be good at, it can be funny; but Vana couldn’t do anything right. She’d have some internal monologue then suddenly, a random word in the monologue would magically appear in front of her. Half the time, I didn’t even understand why something popped up. For example, when Zane broke his shoulder, Vana thought she could probably knit it back together and suddenly a knit sweater popped up.

Zane came off as a total jerk. When he first met Vana, he thought she was totally crazy. Yet, the second she pursed her lips, he decided that was an invitation to start making out with her. I love it when a man takes charge like that, but when he’s mentally thinking, “This woman is completely insane. I should stick her in a mental hospital,” that just kills any kind of romance for me. (I made up that quote. He never actually said he would take her to a mental hospital, but it was implied. Often.) That was one of the main reasons why I gave up on Magic Gone Wild. Vana wasn’t the smartest woman around, but she didn’t deserve to be treated that way by Zane.

I can’t discuss the plot because I gave up reading Magic Gone Wild so early on. I could probably guess at what happens as Magic Gone Wild seemed like it would be fairly predictable. I can only hope that Zane grew as a character and changed his ways; that Vana learned how to use magic and hopefully gained some common sense along the way. The glimpse I did see of the bad guy looked like just a petty rival with Zane, and of course, Zane was completely oblivious. I don’t know how that turned out, but if that was their only external conflict then that leaves a lot of time for Zane and Vana to work on their own problems.

I really did want to enjoy Magic Gone Wild. I had been hoping to read a cute, funny book with a steamy romance. While it wasn’t funny to me at all, I’m sure there are people out there who will find it funny. It just depends on your sense of humor. Although, I don’t see how Zane’s actions could be seen as humorous.

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