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Nancy Springer

Nancy SpringerI am excited to welcome author Nancy Springer, author of the newly released Dark Lie.

To their neighbors, Dorrie and Sam Whiteare a contented couple in America’s heartland, with steady jobs, a suburban home, and plenty of community activities to keep them busy. But they’re not quite what they seem. For plain, hard-working Sam hides a depth of devotion for his wife that no one would suspect. And Dorrie is living a lie–beset by physical ailments, alone within herself…and secretly following the comings and goings of the sixteen-year-old daughter, Juliet, she gave up for adoption when she was hardly more than a child herself.

Then one day at the mall, Dorrie watches horror-stricken as Juliet is abducted, forced into a van that drives away. Instinctively, Dorrie sends her own car speeding after it–an act of reckless courage that puts her on a collision course with a depraved killer…and draws Sam into a dogged, desperate search to save his wife. As mother and daughter unite in a terrifying struggle to survive, to what extremes will Dorrie go in overcoming her own limitations…and in confronting her dark, tormented past?

Make sure you stick around to the end. We’ll be giving away .

Mayzie, Let My Pepsi Alone

The hardest thing about being a writer is trying to keep the cats out of my Diet Pepsi.

Just kidding.

The hardest thing about being a writer is working alone, except for several cats, who can only pester me, not advise me. Every day while I’m writing I wish I had someone to ask: am I going too far, or not far enough? I mean, I’ve published fifty-some books, but I’ve written another twenty or thirty that never got published because I was just too crazy or else not crazy enough.

My working title for Dark Lie was On a Knife’s Edge, which pretty well describes my predicament while writing it. How can I write Dorrie as a sympathetic character when she is unattractive because of having lupus (is it okay for her to have lupus, or will somebody get offended?) and she has made such cringeable decisions in her past? I can give her bad parents, but how can I make them bad enough yet still believable as people who treasure Dorrie, their only child? Her name is Candor Verity Birch. Her parents raise her within the confines and ignorance of a very strict religion. So far, so good, but how can I make sure not to specify any religion or offend fundamentalist Christians? Worst of all, will any of this be okay with my editor?

Hoo boy. Now I need for Dorrie to remember how, as a teenager, she met Blake, was swept away, and got pregnant. How much sex can I show? This all has to be visual; is it okay to show Blake holding his pet knife beside his erect penis, or will that be going too far? If I make Blake too bad, then Dorrie will look stupid for falling in love with him. But if I make him not bad enough, then how could he do the things that lead to Dorrie’s utter disgrace?

As a teenager, Dorrie was powerless to keep her baby. But nobody likes to read about a wimp, so how can I show she’s not one, not really? The fact that she’s sneaking around spying on her biological daughter, Juliet, is not going to help; wouldn’t it be gutsier if she were to speak up? Dorrie is on a knife’s edge. She has very bad memories of that particular knife. There is a compelling reason why she should never, ever tell .

Damn it to hell and back again, the phone’s ringing. I don’t need to answer because caller ID shows me it’s just another politician campaigning. But when I get back to the computer, Mayzie cat is drinking my Diet Pepsi.

Which I should not keep near my computer in the first place. See, I always have a tendency to go too far.

Mayzie’s full name is Amazonian Demon Warrior Princess from the Outermost Reaches of Darkest Perdition. My editor is very nice by comparison.

Now, what sort of vehicle should the bad guy drive? I need someone to advise me. The hardest part of being a writer is working alone. That, and keeping Mayzie out of my Diet Pepsi; it’s not good for her.

Meet Nancy Springer!

Nancy Springer has written fifty novels for adults, young adults and children, in genres that include mythic fantasy, contemporary fiction, magical realism, horror, and mystery — although she did not realize she wrote mystery until she won the Edgar Allan Poe Award from the Mystery Writers of America two years in succession. Dark Lie is her first venture into adult suspense.

Born in New Jersey, Nancy Springer lived for many decades near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, of Civil War fame, raising two children, writing, riding horseback, fishing, and birdwatching. In 2007 she surprised her friends and herself by moving with her second husband to an isolated area of the Florida panhandle, where the birdwatching is spectacular and where, when fishing, she occasionally catches an alligator.

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