Covert Seduction by Callie Croix


CCroix-Covert-SeductionIt’s a mystery how I came by Covert Seduction by Callie Criox.  Really.  Somehow, from somewhere or someone, it was on my Kindle.  That is where the evidence trail disappears.  Now that I’ve read it though, I don’t really care where it came from.  It’s a hot, erotic, romantic thriller, what else matters?

Navy SEAL Reid Galvin is back from hell and eager to find comfort in Becca Anderson’s arms. He knows he hurt her when he cut contact during his deployment, so when his call interrupts her date with another man, he has only himself to blame. But he can’t forget what she means to him—or the sexy email she sent him—and he won’t miss this chance to claim her as his own.

It’s been weeks since Becca heard from the man she thought she was involved with. So when Reid wants to take up where they left off as if nothing happened, she refuses. Then he rescues her from a first date gone very wrong, and she realizes she’s not quite ready to let him go.

Reid and Becca have a lot to talk about, but since she’s not listening, he’s going to have to regain her trust another way—by bringing her most erotic fantasies to life. Making her surrender to pleasure just might be his most important mission.

I have to be honest, things start out really slowly and a bit too coincidental for my taste, so much so that I debated on reading it.  Like Becca going on a date with someone else, and Reid, who hadn’t spoken to her in weeks, calls her up right as she’s leaving her house.  Or how she gets into trouble and Mr. Navy SEAL is magically there to save her.  Another part of the novel that was a bit iffy for me was when Becca and Reid get it on, while she’s in hiding from some bad guys who are out to kill her.  Not only that, but he takes her up against a wall of windows for the neighbors to see.  They may have been ‘hidden’ out of town but I still scratched my head at that scene.  But once the sex came into play, things got better, and I was interested LOL.

Covert Seduction is erotica with a romantic thriller twist.  There was more substance to it than a regular erotic novel (or any that I have read), like that these characters have actual brains, but there wasn’t that much more.  The sex scenes were hot and steamy, oh my gaw.  There is some light BDSM and some toy play, as well as the voyeurism scene that I mentioned above.  These weren’t measly little sex scenes that lasted a page or two.  No my friends, these lasted pages, if not a whole chapter.  These were the best parts of the whole story, though action and danger is there too, it’s not as vivid and in your face as the sex.  Pun so intended.   If you look at it from an erotica angle, the two of them banging each other’s brains out against that window makes perfect sense.  As does all the coincidences and the slow build up of the story line.

As far as Becca and Reid go, I actually liked them.  Becca isn’t afraid of being honest but she’s nice about it.  Also, she’s a bit of a freak in the bedroom.  Reid is one of those guys who don’t show much emotion, he’s in charge, powerful, everything a SEAL is expected to be.  Of course this means he’s ripped and a god in bed. While you don’t have many scenes of them getting to know each other or fixing their troubled relationship, you do get little bits of details to show that there is something between them.  There was just enough insight into them to give you a picture of who they are individually and to understand them as a couple.

I can’t say that Covert Seduction is one of my favorite reads, but it is hot and steamy enough I would highly recommend it and probably read it again.  There was enough suspense to make this interesting, and enough sex to keep me happy.  With only 129 pages, it’s a very quick read, but it make this a great treat for a lonely Friday night, *grin*.

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