Super Shiny Buffy

Guess what I have come across thanks to SciFi Cool and Geeks of Doom….a 3-1/2 minute tv clip of an animated Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And we’re talking all new too. Completely written by Joss Whedon and Jeph Loeb. Want to know the sad part, they’ve taken it to a bunch of television studios and no one wants a part of it?! We’re talking Joss Whedon here. The guy has a HUGE following and all of his films – Buffy, Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Dr. Horrible – end up with a cult following of some kind. Why wouldn’t you want a piece of this?

So there’s a petition running so we could see more. I know I would watch it and I’ve already signed the petition.

Target: 20th Century Fox, Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon
Sponsored by: SlayAlive
Just when we thought we’d seen it all, a clip of the never-produced Buffy: Animated surfaced! A somewhat holy grail for the fans…

Act now, and sign our petition! We want to see this series come to life in some way. Whether that be in an on-going series, or for a new direct-to-DVD movie! Buffy is the queen of comebacks, the latest Season 8 comic published by Dark Horse proves this. With the property’s large and loyal following, this would surely be a success!

Thanks to YouTube, we can at least watch it…

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