New Authors Mini Challenge + Contest!

KMahoney-Falling to AshI need to get my reading groove back and branching out again with my reading. So that’s what I’m going to do for February. I’m challenging myself to read at least 3 new authors. Here’s the pool I’m working with so far.

I was originally going to try for 6-12, but let’s be reasonable, that won’t happen. I still need to finish the Night Huntress Read Along before I pick up Up From the Grave (and I’m going to do it by Monday since I’ll be interviewing Jeaniene Frost live! More details coming) and The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison will be out at the end of the month. I need my Rachel & Trent fix. *grin*

But I can do 3 new authors this month and I know this list is far from being complete. There’s been a ton of new novels released that I’ve missed out on. Do you have a favorite read from 2013 that people are not talking about, and really should be?  When was the last time you picked up a new-to-you author?

In fact, I CHALLENGE YOU to read 2 new authors this month. Can you do it? Anyone who tries and leaves a link to their review (whether on GoodReads, Amazon, your site, wherever) here in the comments, and don’t forget to include it at the NAC14 page, will be entered to win a random novel from my stack of contest fodder.

NAC.2014.250pxThis reading challenge is brought to you by the New Authors Reading Challenge 2014. You do not have to be a participant, but if you’re not, why not?  I realize my author pool is filled with urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors, but don’t let that intimidate you. Any genre, any author is fair game. Try that up-and-coming mystery writer or see what all that erotica hype is all about. However, if you’re looking to branch out as well, why not try a genre you’ve never read before? If you’re a die hard contemporary romance reader, what’s stopping you from picking up a historical? Never read a paranormal, mystery, science fiction, etc novel? Then let’s put on our big girl pants and take the plunge. Be adventurous and begin a new type of journey. That’s your alternate challenge to trying a new author.

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  1. Really? you haven’t read Kresley Cole? I love that series!

    I’ve been intrigued by the Kevin Hearne series too; I’ll be interested to hear your take on it.

    • There’s a lot of series and authors I haven’t read yet. *grin* Hence the reason I’m doing this. Trying to broaden my reading a bit. *grin*

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