Lucifer’s Saint by Colleen Gleason

CGleason-Lucifers SaintThe second book in Colleen Gleason’s Draculia series, Lucifer’s Saint, was all I hoped for and then some.  Full of Regency-era vampires that can only be free of their bargain with the Devil himself whence they find true love.  The ever proper Maia Woodmore and curmudgeonly Earl of Corvindale, Dimitri, grabbed my attention in book one with their easy yet sharp banter and obvious attraction.

For decades, Dimitri has denied himself the most basic of pleasures in his attempt to free himself from Lucifer’s grip. He disdains women, entertainment, and all but the most basic of sustenance in an effort to break his covenant with the devil.

But when he becomes the guardian for two young women—including the beautiful, maddening, and stubborn Maia Woodmore—his life is disrupted and he’s forced to face the emptiness from centuries of solitude.

Maia is no fool, and she alone is strong-willed enough to tame the beast Dimitri has become…and to show him love is the most important risk of all.

But when the most potent of danger strikes, can Dimitri put aside his own stubbornness to find love…even at the risk of his own soul?

Fantastic characters make this installment of the Draculia series truly come alive.  Dimitri is so focused on voiding his deal with the Devil that most of his time is spent researching ways to break his curse – with a gloom-and-doom attitude, of course.  His earnestness, grumpy demeanor notwithstanding, is endearing.  My heart broke for him several times over the course of the story.  Also, major faults of the previous heroine were more than remedied with Maia.  She is intelligent, sharp-witted, and a fierce protector.  Forced to live within the confines of a severely restrictive social construct, Maia didn’t let those restrictions stop her.  In fact, she rescued Dimitri as much as he rescued her – arguably more, if you count her insistent love as a means of rescuing him from the Devil’s bargain.

It helped that much of the first half transpired concurrently with events in Lucifer’s Rogue (see review here).  The reader is dropped right into the middle of the action (much appreciated!).  There was no shortage of kidnappings, that’s for sure, and verbal sparring between Maia and Dimitri filled any potential lull in action.  I never once was bothered by Maia’s existing engagement; partly, because the betrothal is so formal and impersonal, and, partly, because Maia and Dimitri simply fit.

I would love to say that Lucifer’s Saint was just what I expected, but that is not the case.  Instead of happily reading about the couple that stole my attention and piqued my interest in the previous book, I’m painfully curious to find out how Narcise’s situation is resolved in book three.  To me, that’s a wonderful problem to have.  So, Lucifer’s Saint was lovely, entertaining, and action-packed, but I’m off to read Narcise’s story!

Read order
Lucifer’s Rogue (formerly The Vampire Voss)
Lucifer’s Saint (formerly The Vampire Dimitri)
Lucifer’s Warrior (formerly The Vampire Narcise)

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