Titans Trailer Disappointment

I get that DC Comics has this whole dark and gritty cinematic universe, but the trailer for Titans is really disappointing. My boys love the Titans; any Titans comics they see, they want; they love everything that has been released so far. When they heard they were getting a live action show, they were excited to see it when it was released.

They’re not seeing this. None of the previous screen incarnations has been this dark, so we never thought they wouldn’t be able to see it. That’s really sad; with Teen Titans GO! and the previous Teen Titans animation, there are a lot of young viewers who would want to see it.

You can do dark and have it be suitable for all ages, but more importantly, why does it have to be dark and gritty? DC proved they could do dark with Teen Titans, they found the balance with Arrow, and they pulled off light with Supergirl and Flash; so why are they going back to the extreme? Titans didn’t have to be as campy as Teen Titans Go, but they didn’t have to go beyond what Batman Vs. Superman did.

If DC wanted to go dark, I would have rather seen them go Gotham noir than what they did; but honestly, I’m tired of the dark DC universe. I’m tired of the intense drama they’ve been focusing on.

What do you think?

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