Whatcha Reading?

There has been some great new releases this month – which ones have you picked up or are eagerly waiting for? Which releases do we need to know about? What are you currently reading?

Wild Hunger by Chloe Neill (An Heirs of Chicagoland Novel)
Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews (Kate Daniels)
Shadow’s Bane by Karen Chance (Dorina Basarab)
Serpentine by Laurell K. Hamilton (Anita Blake)
The Detective Wins The Witch by Kristen Painter (Nocturne Falls)
Atone in Darkness by Alexis Morgan (The Paladin Strike Team)
The Hero Within by Bec McMaster (Burned Lands)
Queen of the Underworld by Helen Scott (Cerberus)
Daughter of Hades by Helen Scott (Cerberus)
Daughter of Persephone by Helen Scott (Cerberus)
Dragon Prince’s Second Chance by Jasmine Wylder (Separated by Time)
Scarlet Curse by T.H. Hunter (Cursed Vampire)
Stone and Fire by Marie Robinson (A Magical Kingdoms)

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I am a 30-something SAHM with two adorable boys and a supportive husband who is very tolerant of my reading addiction. I love to read and easily go through about a dozen books a month – well I did before I had kids. Now, not so much. After my first son was born, I began to take my hobby of reviewing a little more serious and started Literary Escapism to help with my sanity. I love to discuss the fabulous novels I’ve read and meeting all the wonderful people in the book blogging community has been amazing.


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    Kold_kadavr_ flatliner

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