Call me a geek if you want…

…but I just found out that I was blurbed in a published book. One that was published back in April. How did I miss this!? It’s on the second page of the reviews, which in itself is amazing, but then I find it on the back cover as well! Sorry, but I am having an extreme giddy freakfest right now. Call me a geek if you want, but this is my first (that I know of) and it’s kind of exciting for me. I hadn’t thought I had gotten to this point and then to find it on Curse the Dawn by Karen Chance – one of my favorite authors – it’s exciting!

And I was just informed by Larissa Ione that part of my review for Passion Unleashed is quoted in Ecstasy Unveiled, which I’m hoping won’t get cut on the publishing floor.  *grin*

My Quote

So yeah, I’m having a good day right now. I’m going to go use this energy to clean the house and then concentrate on reviews.  I’ll do a news post later tonight.  And just a quick FYI, I’m going to be a little sporadic with the news post until I get caught up with my reviews.  I have about 10 I need to get posted and doing the news takes time away from them.  I will try and get one up tonight though.

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  1. Jackie, how cool is that! What a fun surprise. It is nice to someone is reading your reviews and values your opinions.

  2. Oh yeah, my inner fan girl is having a field day with this. I’m seriously afraid I’m going to wake up and find out it says something totally different.

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