Love Me, Still by M. Banks

I found Love Me, Still by Maya Banks when I went hunting for the other novellas from the The Perfect Gift anthology.

Beloved mate to two wolves, Heather lived an idyllic life until hunters destroyed the pack’s peaceful existence.

Believing their mate betrayed them and was responsible for their father’s death, Cael and Riyu cut Heather from their lives. But when they realize their terrible mistake, can they ever gain her forgiveness and win back her love?

You might want a box of tissues with you when you pick this up. Love Me, Still is a great story, but damn did it hit my emotional buttons.  The whole ordeal Heather goes through before her wolves get the real story is heartbreaking.  The storytelling is beautiful and while Heather could have made her wolves suffer, I like how she concentrated on what she needed to and didn’t dwell on the past.  However, I will say the sadist in me would have liked to seen her torment Cael and Riyu a little, but then the story would’ve gone on more than it needed to and lost the rhythm it has.  The pacing was good and I never felt like the story was being rushed or anything.

Overall, definitely a great quick story for those times when your just looking for a little romance.  After trying two of the four stories in the The Perfect Gift anthology, I would have to say that I would definitely try finding this in print somewhere.  I doubt you’ll regret it.

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