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Spectacular news for Anne Bishop fans. She’s posted an excerpt for Shalador’s Lady! Due to be released in March, we finally get more of the story for the latest Dark Jewels novel.

If you want a copy of Patricia Brigg’s Alpha and Omega, the graphic novel, then you best go lay down the $35 at Subterranean’s shop.  They have been declining orders from large online retailers and they will be pulling it from their catalog at the end of this week.

As I am sure many of you are aware, Dollhouse did not get past the Fox curse.  It has been canceled after its second season.  However, it’s not the first SciFi show to get canned in its second season and SciFi Wire takes us back in time to 16 other fabulous shows that lost their chance to shine.


  • Lilith Saintcrow, author of Betrayals, by Bitten by Books
  • Eva Gordon, author of White Wolf of Avalon, by I Do Not Want to Wait, I Want the Book Now
  • Dianne Castell, author of Hot and Irresistible, at The Book Faery Reviews
  • Kelly Meding, author of Three Days to Dead, at Juiciliciousss Reviews

Dark Faerie Tales has a great list of novels to keep on the lookout for.  She’s even listed a few I haven’t caught yet.

More Subterrean news, if you’re hoping to get a copy of Kelley Armstrong’s Angelic when it comes out, you may not be able to.  This is another book with a very limited print run and according to preorder numbers, it’s close to being out of print on the publication date.

Melissa Marr has started posting some of the movie entries for her Radiant Shadows contest and a few of them are pretty good.  I have my disagreements with a few choices, who won’t.

Check out the trailer Sherrilyn Kenyon has for Born of Ice, her third League novel. Click here to read an excerpt.

All Things Urban Fantasy is giving away six different books to three winners. Contest ends Nov. 29th.

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  1. Oh sigh, been waiting for those Subterranean books! I preordered ALPHA AND OMEGA in March this year, ANGELIC in July.

    I have been watching all the DOLLHOUSE episodes but it never really *wowed* me. I felt like I was still waiting for it to go somewhere, so I’m not surprised about the cancellation. My husband is sad, but I’m relieved. There was an underlying ick factor to that show that I could never throw off and I suspect there isn’t any way for the show to go that would have satisfactorily lessened it.

  2. I am so with you on that Abigail. I mean, what did Fox expect considering they had a choke hold on Whedon for the first season. It really didn’t get good until the second and by then only the diehard Whedon fans were left. I would love to see Whedon do something with SyFy.

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