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To start off, just a quick note. This will be the last news post for February. Since this is the last week, I’m going to concentrate on getting caught up on my reviews and reading for the New Author Mini-Challenge. I’ll be saving everything for the newsletter, so don’t worry, I won’t leave you out in the dark.  I’m entering the second trimester and I already feel some of my energy returning and I want to take advantage of it.  I’m hoping to get back on track this week.

Also, I am still looking for reviewers, so if anyone is interested, click here for the details.

To start off, we have a few new covers that came out.  Kelly Gay has a cover for her next Charlie Madigan novel,The Darkest Edge of Dawn.  Doesn’t this look amazing?  Thanks to All Things Urban Fantasy for spotting this.  The Darkest Edge of Dawn will be released August 31, 2010.

Casey Daniels also has a new cover for her next Pepper Martin Mystery, Tomb with a View, which will be released July 6th.  This is another fabulous find by All Things Urban Fantasy.

Jaye Wells has released the cover for her next Sabina Kane novel. Green-Eyed Demon will be released March 2011.

Rachel Vincent also released the covers for Alpha, the sixth Shifters novel, and My Soul to Keep, the third Soul Screamers novel, in her newsletter recently, but since she has only posted Alpha’s to her blog, I’m not sharing the other yet.  If you’re a member of the Pride, I would expect that you’ll see it later today.  The rest of us may have to wait a day or two yet or a little long since Rachel mentions that My Soul to Keep isn’t finalized yet.  Alpha will hit shelves October 1, 2010 and My Soul to Keep will be out in June.


Playbill.com is reporting that Neil Gaimon’s Neverwhere will be adapted to the stage by Lifeline Theatre Company in Chicago and will go live May 10th through June 20th.  Neverwhere will be adapted by Robert Kauzleric and directed by Paul Holmquist.

Shiloh Walker has posted a first and second snippet for her upcoming novel, Broken.

What is it with this new revamping of old classics?  io9 has news on the latest one (that I have found), which happens to be based on Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.  The new take, Android Karenina, is being retold by Ben H. Winters (Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters) and will be released June 8, 2010.

Harper Collins has put up the first SEVEN CHAPTERS for Kim Harrison’s Black Magic Sanction.  Seriously?  Seven chapters?  On the one hand, that’s awesome.  I love reading the excerpts for a new novel; but why seven?  I guess they put up the first 20% of a book, but that really seems like it’s a little too much to me.  Am I the only one?

Sherrilyn Kenyon has posted a small snippet for her upcoming Infinity at her facebook page.

It’s that time of year again where television execs start looking at their shows and SciFi Wire has the chances on whether or not some of our favorite SciFi shows will come back.

SciFi Wire has the new trailer for the upcoming season of Dr. Who which is the first season with Matt Smith as the doctor. Granted, as with all new characters, I’ll have to give him a shot, but I’m going to miss David Tennant not being the doctor. He was the one who really got me interested in the show.

io9 is reporting on the attack scifi author Douglas Preston has been getting on his recent remarks about ebook availability.  Honestly, though, he may have done it wrong, but I have to agree with Preston’s ending remark. I don’t think it’s wrong that pubs want to get their money worth out of hardcovers before ebooks come out. After all, if they don’t make money, they can’t give money to authors and if they can’t give money to authors, where will all the stories come from?

How did I miss Jeaniene Frost’s post on e-piracy over at the Deadline Dames?  It’s a little old (and the contest is over), but if you haven’t read it, then you really need to.

Nancy Holzner has announced the title to the next Deadtown novel.  Book two will now be known as Hellforged.  Other than this, I haven’t seen much else yet. However, Nancy did have this to say about the plot: Vicky must learn to use to fight a kind of demon she’s never encountered before.

In the face of the MacMillan/Amazon fiasco, author John Scalzi is calling for readers to support their favorite authors.  He’s reminding us that Amazon is not the only place where books are sold.

SciFi Guy has another fabulous Weekend Report that I haven’t had a chance to get through yet, but I already  know it’s full of great information.  Definitely check it out.

If you haven’t seen Babbling About Book’s WTFckery Or Not? You Decide feature, than you really need to head over there this week.  Katie generally finds some really odd and amusing ones, but I think this latest one beats all of them.  Seriously, I cannot even imagine what people were thinking when they came up with this stuff.  My favorite one – Stephenie Meyer created werewolves and the new Wolfman movie is a total ripoff and makes them out to be the monsters they obviously are not.  *head meet desk*

Book Chick City is giving away a copy of Maggie Stiefvater’s Shiver.  Contest ends Feb 26th.

Lurv a la Mode is giving away two copies of Kim Harrison’s Black Magic Sanction.  Contest ends Feb 24th.

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