Look Who’s Going to RT: Mark Henry

Can you introduce yourself to my readers a little?
I’m Mark Henry and I’m a writer and live in the Seattle area with my wife and 4 dogs. I used to be a child and adolescent psychotherapist but decided to give that up to warp minds with my fiction.

Can you introduce us to the world that you have created?
I write an urban fantasy/comedy series about Amanda Feral, a flesh-eating zombie ad-exec and her hard-drinking, promiscuous, judgmental undead pals. It’s very dark and irreverent stuff and while I mostly get off writing the satire, people usually dig it just for the trouncing I give to urban fantasy tropes. The first book in the series, HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED, has been rereleased in mass-market paperback and is available pretty much everywhere and the third, newest entry, BATTLE OF THE NETWORK ZOMBIES is out in trade paperback.

Will this be your first RT or are you a veteran? Any advice for those who are going for the first time?
This will be my third RT Con and is definitely my favorite convention out there. It’s small enough not to be overwhelming and is guaranteed to have the craziest crap ever go down. I’m not sure what’s in the water at RT, but I have a hard time not peeing myself laughing, hourly. My advice for people who are going for the first time is, don’t miss a thing. You never know when something wild is going to happen. Also, and this is very important, do NOT go to sleep until after the bar closes. You want to see authors and cover models go nuts. It happens late. Well. It happens all the time, but particularly after the alcohol starts flowing.

Are you speaking on any panels during RT? Are there any you are looking forward to?
I’m moderating a Steampunk panel with lots of cool folks on it (Caitlin Kittredge, Kat Richardson, Stacia Kane, Liz Maverick and Nathalie Gray). It’s part of the Urban Fantasy track–when you’re friends with Richelle Mead, the Commodore of the track, she puts you to work. I’m also doing a couple of specialty workshops. One about how not to be an idiot online with Lauren Dane, Ann Aguirre and Sylvia Day. This one’s geared to authors so they don’t behave badly, but the information is global. Also, and this one should be amazing, Mario Acevedo, Jeanne Stein, Diana Rowland, Juliet Blackwell and I will be talking about How Villains are Super Awesome…or something!!!

If someone were wanting to meet up with you at RT, who should they look for?
Well, they should definitely track me down at Club RT on Thursday at 11:00 AM, The League of Reluctant Adults is doing a really fun Snark Hunt that is definitely going to bring the BIG CRAZY. I’ll also be at the Kensington breakfast, the ginormous book fair on Saturday from 11-2, and any number of the events. If all else fails, like I said, check the bar. I’ll be one of the few guys there that’s not covered in posing oil.

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