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Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck

Kelsey Hayes was just a freshman in high school when her parents were killed in an automobile accident, sending her into the foster-care system. After graduation, she takes a job at a circus in Oregon to earn money for college. There, she becomes fascinated with the star attraction, a white tiger named Dhiren. When the tiger is sold to the mysterious Mr. Kadam, Kelsey is heartbroken-until Mr. Kadam offers her a job as Dhiren’s traveling companion. Because of her strong affection for the tiger, she agrees . When their truck is hijacked on a dirt road outside of Mumbai, Dhiren leads Kelsey deep into the jungle. There, he reveals his true nature: he is a three-hundred-fifty-year-old Indian prince, cursed by an ancient magician to live out eternity as a tiger. Young-adult readers will be enthralled by this mystical adventure story of a girl who risks her life to save the man she comes to love.

Enchanted Palette by Brigit Zahara

Still grieving over the loss of her fiancée years earlier, artist extraordinaire Randi has seemingly lost all hope of ever wanting to paint again. But when an ancient palette given to her by a hopeful friend lures her back to the canvas, Randi is magically drawn into an incredible world on the other side.

Transported into the paradise within the painting, Randi’s desire to love and be loved is reawakened by soul twins Zak and Adrian—the half vampire-half shape shifter polar opposites who equally entice her with their purity and passion respectively.

For Randi, it’s hard to say which is hotter—a slow sensual heaven-sent union with unicorn-morphing Zak or a pulse-pounding explosive tryst with the dark and dangerous wolf changer Adrian.

But one thing’s for certain…when all three get together, the result is quite simply out of this world.

Star Raiders by Elysa Hendricks

Like two ill-aligned stars, Shyanne Kedar and Greyson Dane were destined to collide. She was a smuggler’s daughter, and he, an interstellar lawman. Their affair was scorching, dazzling … and ended like a supernova, in a blaze of betrayal.

Ten years later, the flames haven’t cooled. Shayanne’s lush body, the twist of her lips and the fire in her eyes – all radiate the same magnetism that ensnared Greyson before, and now he’s truly her prisoner. But as much as things have changed, they remain exactly the same. Danger threatens. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance. And though his tempting captor doesn’t know it, if Greyson’s plan succeeds, it will save mankind … and lose him the only woman he ever loved. This time, forever.

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  1. I wish Tiger’s curse was cheaper…don’t want to pay around 25 dollars for a paperback.

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