Call of Cthulhu by HP Lovecraft

Jesse has been reading some classic horror stories lately and he just recently finished The Call of Cthulhu by HP Lovecraft.  I was hoping he would write a review for it, but he’s not exactly sure what to write.

This is one of the best stories by Lovecraft. Cthulhu is an extraterrestrial entity that makes a major appearance. The story is presented as a manuscript “found among the papers of the late Francis Wayland Thurston, of New York”.

The Call of Cthulhu is a really quick and easy read at only three chapters.  Accordingly, there really isn’t any characters to develop or relationships to cultivate.  My own impression is that the only character involved is a narrator as we hear his thoughts during a mundane activity.  However, Jesse is telling me that isn’t exactly correct either, and yet, he really can’t explain the story.  It’s one of those have to read it to understand it type of books, but I’m not buying it.

So I’m kind of at a lost.  What’s the draw of this novel?  Why would someone want to pick up The Call of Cthulhu, aside from the fact that it is written by HP Lovecraft?  Has anyone read it?  What did you think?

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  1. 1) it’s a short story, not a novel. Characters aren’t the focus of the book, the growing comprehension of the unimaginable is.

    2) The draw is that it sets the tone for the mythos; the writing style is excellent, if not a bit heavy-handed at times. The process of discovery is also well handled- the horror unfolds as you read.

    By the time you finish it, you fully understand there’s something terrible hiding in the shadows, just out of sight.

    If you have half an hour, go ahead and read it- it’s well worth your time.

  2. I read Lovecraft when I was in high school. I was really into it then but I went back and tried to read one of his books about a year ago and couldn’t get into it.

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