New Author Challenge 2013

New Authors Challenge 2013Welcome back to the New Authors reading challenge! I’m hoping everyone is still enjoying this reading challenge as we head into our fifth year. The past couple of years I’ve tried doing little mini-challenges, but haven’t been real successful with them. For 2013, since it will be the fifth anniversary/birthday of the challenge, I want to do something, but that’s still in the works.

For those new to the New Author Challenge, the whole idea started when I first started reviewing and I didn’t know that many authors in my favored genre. So I went looking. I gave myself a goal of finding 50 new authors and ended up reading 56 that first year. I loved finding these new characters, worlds and cultures, so I want to help others find new ones as well. Since 2006, I’ve tried over 150 different authors I may not have tried otherwise and I have found some really great authors.

The idea behind this is to find new authors that you’ve never tried before, not necessarily ones that are debuting. They can be in your genre of choice or be brave and try something new. You never know what you’re going to like until you try it. If you’re looking for some suggestions, you can check out the Author page here at Literary Escapism or the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Challenge pages. With over 1000 reviews posted, I’m sure there will be something there for everyone.

Here are the guidelines:

  1. The challenge will run from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013.
  2. Since this is an author challenge, there is no restriction on choosing your novels. They can definitely be from other challenges. However, the authors must be new to you and, preferably from novels. Anthologies are a great way to try someone new, but only a third of your new authors can be from anthologies.
  3. I want this to be an easy challenge, so you can pick to do either 15, 25 or 50 new authors. It all depends on how fast you read and how adventurous you want to be.  If you reach your goal halfway through the year, don’t stop. Any new author you try can be added to Mr. Linky. We all want to know about your new experience.
  4. After reading your new author, write your review and then come back here and add your link to Mr. Linky. Make sure you include your name and the author, but adding the title is completely up to you.
  5. Bloggers or Non-Bloggers alike are welcome. You don’t have to have a site to participate. You can link up via Facebook, GoodReads or even Amazon if you’d like.

Once you reach your goal, you don’t have to stop. Any new author you try, go ahead and head back here and add it to the list. Introduce us all to whoever you find. Afterall, there’s no reason to stop trying new authors, right?

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: Artwork used (with permission) for the button is Anglerfish by Vlad Gerasimov. Please be sure to post a link to the artist when using the button – thanks!

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  1. Question…when I sign up with Linky does it automatically put the button on my blog. If not how do I do that? And when I sign in do I sign in here at your blog. Yes I’m a virgin at this lol. This is my first challenge.

    • To get the button, just click on the size desired and save it to your desktop. Or click on it and get the link. But no, signing into Mr. Linky doesn’t automatically add the button to your site. That would be cool if it did. It’s a 3rd party service and all it does is what you see. As far as I know at least.

  2. Hey there!At the moment, every good autohr seems to be writing Dark Romace novels. I love this genre, but am finding the most recent additions to my bookshelf a little tedious, as they all seem to have the same plot!!Can you reccomend any good books that are NOT based around falling in love with vampires/werewolves?Thank you!!

    • So you’re looking for some straight urban fantasy, with little romance or can there be some? If you haven’t already, I would try James Tuck (Deacon Chalk – Blood and Silver), Jocelynn Drake’s new series (Asylum Tales – Angel’s Ink), Mario Acevedo (Felix Gomex – The Nymphos of Rocky Flats), anything by Simon R. Green or Jim Butcher, Anton Strout (Simon Canderous – Dead to Me), JF Lewis (Void City – Staked), Trent Jamieson (Death Works – Death Most Definite), Sonya Bateman (Gavyn Donatti – Master of None) and/or Mark del Franco (Connor Grey – Unshapely Things).

  3. Welcome to all the newcomers and welcome back to everyone who’s returning for another go.

    For anyone who’s returning, Casey thought up a new challenge for 2013 called SECOND CHANCES. The idea is to give an author, who you may not have liked the first time around, another shot.

  4. Hi, I have follow your blog for a while, but this is the first time I join the new authors challenge. Looking forward to discovering great and maybe not so great books from new authors :)

  5. I love reading new authors. I will read anything. I have many books (regular and ebooks) and I usually go by the book not author. I have entered a few reading challenges and believe that I can contribute to your lists. Many are asking for genre that I don’t normally read.

  6. I was looking forward to this challenge, for the second year round. I discovered around 25 new authors last year and my favorite was the French David Foenkinos, so I hope to find at least another one as good as him.

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