Artist Spotlight: Elena Dudina

MAcosta-Haunted HoneymoonI am a very visual person – don’t give me directions, give me what’s on the street corner, I’ll find it easier – so I am a huge sucker for great cover art.  It may not always depict the story or the characters within a novel exactly, but that’s not really its purpose is it?  It’s to draw your eye so you will pick the novel up and I know that it’s been the cover that has made me pick up more than one book.

So when I saw the cover for Haunted Honeymoon, the final novel in Marta Acosta’s Casa Dracula series, I just knew that I was going to be adding it to my shelves.  Look at it…isn’t it fabulous?  I love the blue, the clouds, the sheer wicked innocence of it. It’s just so pretty to look at, how could you not add it to your shelves, right?

I was definitely entranced, so as soon as Marta said the artist was Elena Dudina, I went looking for more.  After browsing through Dudina’s Deviant Art page, I just knew I was in trouble  I found more fabulousness and I started picturing a bunch of it on my barren walls.  It’s not often I come across artwork that doest that, so I knew I just had to share some of the images I found.

This one really caught my eye – titled Corazon en Llamas.  There’s just something about the look in her eyes that dares you to take her hand or whatever it is she’s offering.  No questions asked, just blind acceptance.

There’s just something about urbANNA, that totally works for me too.  The amount of detail in the background is amazing and the more you really look at it, the more contradictory it seems.  At least for me.  It comes off as being a part of this bleak environment, but if you look closely at the lights, there’s still merriment going on.  People are dealing and they are happy.  Maybe that’s just me wishing, but our angel doesn’t look like she’s had it that rough.

The last one in this row is titled Mariposas and it has that same softness that the cover for Haunted Honeymoon has.  The one thing this print does make me do is wonder what’s going through the girls mind.  Is the butterfly helping her to relax, trying to relieve some sort of stress?  Or is she just that caught up in the moment?

Quite honestly, the first one, La Perla, totally reminds me of Rosalie from the Twilight Saga.  The attitude being portrayed, the girly elegance of the model, the darken woods.  Maybe it’s Nikki Reed‘s portrayal of Rosalie that is making me think this, but there’s such attitude that I keep getting drawn to it.  I’m not usually drawn to artwork with a dominant model in it, but there’s something about this girls face that is just captivating.

Una Noche Mas is another one that has some amazing details going on.  The green hue totally works in making the whole environment look more foreboding and ominous.   Just like with urbANNA, it has that same bleak and merriment feeling going on, but there’s no question as to who is having the fun.  Orcs, witches, drow – those are the ones I expect to find within the city lights.  There is wickedness going on, there is no doubt about that.

So what do you think? Did these images make you go check out Elena’s Deviant Art page? Did you find an image that captured your imagination or made you think? I have to be honest, this post has been in my drafts folder for awhile, so I haven’t been to the Deviant Art page in awhile; but I can tell you this…I’m heading there now to see what has been added since the last time I was there.

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