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Artist Spotlight: Elena Dudina

25 June 2012 Jackie 0

I am a very visual person – don’t give me directions, give me what’s on the street corner, I’ll find it easier – so I am a huge sucker for great cover art.  It may not always depict the story or the characters within a novel exactly, but that’s not […]

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Mermaids & Shadowy Angels

7 January 2010 Jackie 9

I dislike putting up news post without at least one image, so since there wasn’t any new book covers (that I saw), I went hunting for a few new fantasy images. I love it when I go looking because I always tend to find someone really hot. This time around it is Yuehui Tang. Check this out….isn’t it awesome? And he has more, which I’ll be adding throughout the post.

Katiebabs has an excellent post on what authors should expect from book review blogs. The article came about because an author requested a review site to no longer mention their book. I’m not sure I understand the author’s reasoning since I thought it was better for a book to be talked about, whether it’s good or bad, then not at all. Check out the article; it has some really good points in it.

Marjorie Liu is giving readers the chance to pick what Long Nu, a beloved character from Tiger Eye, will look like in the new RPG game Tiger Eye. There are four drawings by four different artists and the winning concept will be transferred to the game. In more Liu news, Orbit has released the UK covers for the first three Hunters Kiss novels. The covers look hot!

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Artist Spotlight: Agnieszka Szuba

11 November 2009 Jackie 2

VMoon Fairytale IVEvery so often, I come across an artist that I simply must share. It’s been awhile since I’ve done an artist spotlight, but when I came across Agnieszka Szuba, I knew I had to do one. I probably would have completely missed her if Richelle Mead hadn’t said she was the one behind the covers of her German Succubus novels. I mean, check out these covers…are they not hot?

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Love and Pain

24 November 2008 Jackie 1

I’m reading Gerry Bartlett’s Real Vampires Live Large when she begins to talk about Edvard Munch’s Love and Pain.  I know of Munch’s The Scream, but I wasn’t overly familiar with this one.  So for others like me, here it is.

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Artist Spotlight: Pumpkin Rot

31 October 2008 Jackie 0

When I was looking for a few Halloween prints for yesterday’s post, I came across PumpkinRot and instantly knew he needed his own post. And on today of all days. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone go this far for Halloween.  This is awesome.  I know I would be […]

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Contests & Bookmooch

3 September 2008 Jackie 2

Today’s artist spotlight comes from Elfwood and is John Girouard. The featured print is titled The Copper Forest Fairy. A lot of his artwork consists of digitally hand drawn masterpieces with a splash of 3D. The majority of his work starts out as hand drawn sketches that he later transfers to the digital world.

Circlet Press is interviewing Catherine Lundoff who is the editor of the fantasy and horror anthology Haunted Hearths and Sapphic Shades: Lesbian Ghost Stories, plus the author of Night’s Kiss and the 2008 Goldie Award winner Crave: Tales of Lust, Love and Longing.

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Bridge of Hope

2 September 2008 Jackie 2

Over at the Science Fiction Fantasy Chronicles forum, there’s an interesting post looking for vampire novels that are devoid of the romantic and horror elements. Whenever I think of vampires, I always either think of the classic horror stories (i.e. Nosferatu or Dracula) or the current urban fantasy/para-romance books (i.e. Dark Lover or Halfway to the Grave). So the idea that there are vampire novels out there without the horror or romance, it’s kind of intriguing. Since all of the recommendations are scattered throughout the discussion thread, I thought I would add them here.

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Artist Spotlight: Michele-lee Phelan

27 August 2008 Jackie 1

So I’m reading this novel for review – Quondam by Jayel Gibson – and I love the artwork on the book, so I went looking for the artist. Michele-lee Phelan did the cover and has quite an extensive collection of artwork on her site. FYI…her main site is currently undergoing so renovations, but you can still see her gallery. I’ve been browsing through her site and I am loving a lot of the work I am seeing. The featured piece is called DarkBringer.

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Of Mermaids and Crows

27 August 2008 Jackie 0

Laurell K Hamilton is the guest author at the Center Stage this week. She’ll be answering questions while she’s there, so make sure you head over and she what she has to say.

The final installment of Jeri Smith-Ready’s Aspect of the Crow fantasy series will conclude on November 1st with the release of The Reawakened. Here’s an excerpt. The first two novels – Eyes of the Crow and Voice of Crow – are available via Amazon now.

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Pleasant Fantasies

25 August 2008 Jackie 1

The final ballot for the World Fantasy Awards has been released. I’m not really seeing anyone on the ballot I’ve read or even heard of, so it might be interesting to go through and get a couple of these books. The winners are going to be announced at the World Fantasy 2008, which is held in Calgary, Alberta.

Some happy news, I’ve been told that True Blood is going to be available for download via HBO and iTunes, so for those of us cable/HBO deprived, we’ll still have a chance for the series.

Nalini Singh is running a contest over at her blog to celebrate the release of Hostage to Pleasure, which comes out in one week (Sept. 2nd). The winner is given a $75 gift certificate, so make sure you check out her site for the details.