Midnight Sun by S. Meyer

So I finally got around to reading the partial draft of Midnight Sun that Stephenie Meyer has on her website (the one she wants everyone to see instead of the one that was illegal distributed).  There’s only about 260 pages, but from what there is, it seems to go in a completley different direction that Twilight.  I’m not sure if that is good or not.

Basically, Midnight Sun is Edward’s take on how Twilight happened.  This time, we get to see the events take place through Edward’s (and ultimately through his families) head and find out what his reactions were.  I have to admit, he is a very complex character because his reactions in Midnight Sun were so not what I thought they were in Twilight.  His initial reaction to Bella in Twilight (from Bella’s POV) seemed to be more of fascination and horror than what was actually going through his mind in Midnight Sun.  Reading the story from Edward’s perspective gave me a whole new appreciation with his character in Twilight.

Plus, being in Edward’s mine for the story also gave us more insight into a lot of the other characters within Twilight.  For instance, what was Jessica’s reaction to Bella?  Exactly what was going through Mike’s head when he thought about Bella?  What do the Cullen’s think about Bella?  We actually got to see these sides because of Edward’s ability.  I have to say, this helped flesh out a lot of the characters in my opinion.

Now comparing the two, since they are supposedly the same storyline/plot, shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.  I haven’t read Twilight since last August, and I have seen the movie on three various times, but I didn’t think that the events were that different.  When I saw the movie, I thought it had stuck pretty close to the novel – closer than most other book to movies have done.  However, after reading Midnight Sun, I’m starting to doubt that.  Some of the events that happened in Midnight Sun were so different than what I remembered in Twilight.  For instance, when Bella confronts Edward about what he is – the where and how was completely different than what I remembered.  Again, maybe it was the movie’s way of showing it, but I thought in Twilight that Bella confronted Edward during the school day and, after the big unveiling, they spent the day together in the sun.  In Midnight Sun, Bella confronts Edward on the way back from Port Angeles (when she went with Jessica and Angela to shop for dresses) while they are in the car.  And she hasn’t seen the sparkles in the first 260 pages.  That’s just one instance where I thought Midnight Sun differed from Twilight.

One thing I have to say about Midnight Sun, it seems to be focused more on the strange courtship of Edward and Bella than on teh events that happened in Twilight.  I’m sure Meyer is going to get to the “action sequences” at some point, but after 260 pages, I would have assumed that there would be some mention of James or the random “animal” attacks going on in Forks.  So far, I haven’t seen any of that.

I’ve heard that Meyer is currently writing Midnight Sun, and I had heard she was going to start over since this partial draft had been leaked on the internet, but I’m not sure how much of it she’s actually going to change.  From what I’ve read, I think Midnight Sun is going to be just as hot as Twilight and I really can’t wait to read the rest of the novel (whenever it’s published).  Although, the more I think about this, I think I’m going to read Twilight again.  Now I’m curious to see which one is closer to TwilightMidnight Sun or the movie.

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  1. thats because in the book she confrots him about what he is on the way back from port angelas, they did it different in the movie. i think you need to read the book again

  2. I read Stephenie Meyers (legal) draft of midnight sun and i think it is really good, however i think i am correct in saying it has been released but i cannot find it anywhere, and i would really like to read the end, i find Edwards side of the story a great help to learn about each of the characters, for example Charlie Swan as in twilight the book and film, it doesnt mention that edward struggles to read his mind too, so this helps us learn about Bella and Charlie. Also with characters like Rosalie i find you learn a little bit more about her character too, the same for emmet and jasper. If anyone knows where i can get the book in england feel free to email me at Abi.actor1995@hotmail.com thankyou. x

    • The last I heard, Midnight Sun hadn’t been completed. I know Meyer said she was going to, but after it was leaked out, she lost the drive to. I’m expecting her to finish at some point (after all, it’s a $$$ bank), but the draft you read is the only thing I’m familiar with.

  3. I really want to read Edward’s Pov! I would love to understand all of the characters more, the one I believe alot of people would like to read though is actually NEW MOON about when he left and what he did and what his family did. I’m not getting bored of reading BREAKING DAWN over and over again, I would just love to read a new TWILIGHT story.

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